Just call me Rachael Ray

Ok, not really. But I REALLY am trying!

Before I met Donovan, I never really cooked for myself. I mean, I can make a pot of macaroni and cheese like it’s nobody’s business. I’m also really good at heating up lean cuisines and making a round through the drive-thru! This is probably directly related to why I gained so much weight in college and grad school – because it was quick, simple, and “fairly” cheap for a starving student.

After Donovan and I met, we quickly learned the quickest way to each other’s heart was through food. Mine was through desserts, and his was through steak and potatoes. No lie. The first couple months we dated we literally ate garlic steak, potatoes, and dessert every night. It was glorious. Then I started getting adventurous. I started pulling recipes out of magazines, recipe books, and attempting casseroles my mom would make us when I was a kid. I learned quickly that Donovan wouldn’t eat my meals unless it FOR SURE had meat in it. That man loves meat.

Now that we’ve been together for 2 years (and married for 2 weeks!) , I feel like I’m a much better cook then when I started off. Yeah, I still have a whole bunch of kitchen fails, but now the food I make is pretty edible, even if it looks disgusting.

Recently I made a few dishes that were out of this world, and I thought I’d share some photos. In the coming weeks I’ll post the recipes if anyone is interested.

photo 1

On Sunday night I made Korean Beef for dinner. This is hands down one of my favorite (and SUPER easy) meals to make + it has a ton of meat for Donovan. I make the dish with ground turkey instead of beef so it is a smidge healthier.

photo 3On Monday night Donovan and I made Brie and Brisket Quesadillas with homemade Mango BBQ sauce. Holy matrimony! These things were delicious! We cooked the brisket all day long in the crockpot so it was nice and juicy and tender when we got home from work. It took us awhile to make the BBQ sauce and get everything together, but it was totally worth it!

photo 4On Tuesday night we had stuffed spaghetti squash. This is Donovan’s favorite since it is essentially a healthier version of spaghetti — which is also his favorite. Yum!

Have y’all cooked any good recipes lately?




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