Honeymoonin’ Part I

So I know I’m sharing our wedding story all out of order, but you’re just going to have to be patient. Our wedding ceremony and reception photos haven’t come in yet, so I can only update what I have!

Donovan and I were fortunate that his father was going to give us our honeymoon as our wedding gift. He told us he wanted to surprise us, so we gave him a few guidelines and let him plan the surprise. I’m not one that really likes surprises, but it was actually really nice to not have one more thing to plan during the wedding. Donovan’s dad told us that he wasn’t going to tell us until we were about to board our plane for the honeymoon – and he didn’t!! I was so surprised that he could keep a secret like that for an entire year. Not even Donovan or my parents knew!

On the Monday morning after our wedding, he came over to our apartment at 3am to surprise us with the trip. He had put together an entire BOOK on our honeymooon location – photos, things to do, the spa menu, and our reservations for flights, boats, and hotel. We were so excited to hear that we would be traveling to PALM ISLAND!

Image courtesy of Palm Island Resort

Image courtesy of Palm Island Resort

Donovan’s dad booked us 5 days at the Palm Island Resort in the Grenadines, and holy cow! It was an amazing trip! We spent most of the first day flying down to the resort. We took an early flight from Dallas to Miami, had a short layover (read: 15 minutes), and then took a flight from Miami to Barbados. When we got to Barbados, we had a little bit of time to get something to eat and hang out with the other newlyweds we met at the airport. One thing I LOVED about the Palm Island resort is that they had someone to greet us and help us along the way – starting in Barbados. When we got off the plane there, there was a representative holding a sign with our name on it. They quickly ushered us through customs and immigrations and got our tickets for the rest of the trip.

The plane we took from Barbados to Union Island was incredibly small. We were literally sitting in the cockpit. There was no beverage service and it was very loud.





When we got off the plan at Union Island, we literally felt like we were stepping into a 3rd world country…but the countryside was absolutely beautiful!

DSC00535(Yes, I was the smart one who wore sweatpants on a vacation to the Caribbean. I’m a smart one!)

Once we got off the plane, we then took a cab (aka: golf cart) to the dock where we caught a ferry to Palm Island.


When we got off the ferry at Palm Island, the hotel staff was waiting for us on the dock! We were greeted with fresh rum drinks and were given a tour of our hotel rooms.



DSC00543The view from our beachfront room…


Our room was so cute and so perfect! It came with a mini-fridge that was stocked with soft drinks, beer, and wine. Since the resort was all-inclusive, they re-filled it up with supplies every morning! It was glorious! We loved the slatted windows because it gave us so much light and fresh air. Plus, who doesn’t love waking up to a gorgeous sunrise every morning!?!


DSC00553Our first night when we got to the resort we were SO exhausted from traveling. We dropped our bags and immediately went for a walk on the beach. We sat in the sand and watched the sun dip down behind Union Island, and we kept telling ourselves that this trip didn’t seem real. It was absolutely stunning.



After walking around the beach for awhile, we headed back to the room to shower and get ready for dinner.


By the way, our shower was flipping amazing! It was a huge walk-in shower which also had slatted windows!

???????????????????????????????After dinner we spent some quality time at the resort bar…which is where we spent most of the evenings. Our typical schedule was to take showers around 5ish, and then head to the bar for pre-dinner drinks. That’s when we got to hang out with some of the other couples and get to know other people. Not to mention – the bartender, Kendol, was freaking amazing…and hilarious! Around 7ish we would head towards dinner, and then after dinner, we’d head back to the bar for an hour or two of drinking with our new friends, and then we’d head to bed around 9:30pm. It was glorious!

Part II coming soon!







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