Blogs I’m Lovin’

So, before I started blogging here at Newlywed Greggs, I used to blog over at Country Bunny Carrie. Unfortunately, that site is no longer available. But before I started blogging EVER, I did a lot of blog-reading….and ok…may be a bit of stalking! I don’t even know where I began, but I’ve been reading these blogs for the last few months and years….

Blue Eyed Bride – Erin’s two sons are absolutely adorable! My favorite post was Erin’s recipe for Bow Tie Fiesta! This dish is so easy to put together and so delicious!

A. Liz Adventures – Also a recent newlywed, I love reading about April’s experiences into married life. My favorite posts she has done are all about her wedding! All of the photos are absolutely gorgeous, and you can tell she put so much thought and energy into each wedding event!

Elefantitas Alegres – This blog is SO funny! I love Kate’s writing style and how sarcastic and funny she is! Another Dallas girl, I hope we’re able to meet soon!

Carolina Charm – OMG. I wish I was even just half as creative as Christina! I love following her blog to see what other DIY projects she is doing!

Mama Laughlin – This girl is pretty awesome at motivating me to get my fanny to the gym….although I haven’t done so yet 🙂 ! Another Dallas girl, I hope we get to meet soon! I enjoy reading about her special workouts, recipes, and motivation! What an inspiration!

Skinny Meg – Another blog of inspiration and motivation! I honestly don’t know how Megan wakes up at 5am SO happy and excited to hit the gym! Donovan once rolled over and kicked me in his sleep that early in the morning and I almost punched him! I hope I get to meet this blogger in real life, too!

The Incredible Shrinking Mexican – this is one of my college friends who is on the right track to lose weight and get fit! I’m so proud of her and her accomplishments thus far. I wish she lived just a SMIDGE closer so she could get my butt to the gym!

Hang On, Honey – I just came across this blog a few days ago when Skinny Meg posted about her. Beth is so adorable and funny! She seems like the kind of girl I want to be best friends with!

Neathering our Fest – my friend, Skye! Skye is so funny, and I love reading her updates – especially now that she is about to have a baby soon! She recently started her own small business, and I’m so impressed with all that she has accomplished!

There are WAY more blogs out there that I read and skim by, but didn’t add them to this post. What are your favorite blogs to read?


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