Honeymoonin’ Part II

After sleeping a good 13+ hours the first night of our honeymoon, Donovan and I woke up to the sun shinning brightly ….and lots of humidity. Man, it was hot! We checked the weather on our iPhones and saw this…

photoWe immediately panicked because we thought that meant rain every day. Little did we know that it just the humidity in the air! We also laughed because it was the same temperature all day long – no matter if it was dark or not. Pretty funny.

After we lotioned up with sunscreen, we headed to the Royal Palm (the only restaurant on the island) for some breakfast.

DSC00588I’m pretty sure we had the same thing for breakfast every morning! The local breakfast choices seemed a bit sketchy, so we stuck with American food. Dono had the french toast every morning, and I had scrambled eggs and a bagel. The first morning I had a chocolate waffle and it was incredible!





After breakfast, we went straight out to the beach! It was such a beautiful day, and it was so relaxing to just lay in the sun for awhile. What we found really interesting was the amount of older sunBUNBURNED adults laying on the beach near us. We started chatting with some of them, and come to find out, they were staying at the resort for several weeks and had just gotten there a few days before. What blew my mind was that they CONTINUED to lay out on the beach and get burns on top of burns. Ouch, Charlie!






We literally lounged all day and had a few drinks. One of my favorite bar drinks the restaurant made was called a “Baby Turtle.” It’s a frozen drink, and all it consists of is Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, and Cream of Coconut. It was absolutely delicious and very refreshing. I can’t wait to start making them this summer for an instant cool-off!

DSC00614After a few hours of laying in the sun, we decided to cool off by the pool since it was WAY more shady over there. Everywhere we looked there were HUNDREDS of iquanas and lizards. I am not a reptile fan, so this was disgusting to me, but Donovan loved them! Gross! If you had food in your hands, they would crawl up your arms and legs until they got to the food. So nasty.

After lounging by the pool, we came back to our room to get ready and primp for dinner. We celebrated by having a glass of wine in the room before hitting the “town” – aka: 1 restaurant!

DSC00622Donovan’s dad had made us reservations at The Heart Tree for dinner that night. It was very special – away from all of the other guests – and your table was literally 40 feet from the ocean. We had a private waiter (who was awesome!), an entire bottle of wine, and some delicious and steak and lobster.

DSC00639After we devoured our dinner, we headed back to the bar to meet up with some of the other honeymooners for drinks and fun. Our bartender, Kendol, knew a TON of tricks and optical illusions that he loved to try out on Donovan. This is also the night that I had way too much white wine and wanted to go streaking along the beach. Needless to say, we had a really fun night that night and partied up until 10pm! Woo!

DSC00641The next morning I woke up really hungover. Donovan and I were supposed to get massages that morning, and I honestly almost cancelled because I felt so bad…but I toughed it up. And it was totally worth it. Having someone rub on you for an hour when you’re hungover feels amazing. I then spent most of the rest of the day detoxing on the beach with huge bottles of water and my Kindle. It felt good to sweat it all out.  By the way – I found the best books to read on my honeymoon. I wanted to bring something that was light, funny, and easy to read. I ended up buying “Drinking and Tweeting” by Brandi Glanville and “Bossypants” by Tina Fey. Best decisions of my life. I literally laughed out loud SEVERAL times on the beach and got some weird looks, but I didn’t care. It was hilarious!

DSC00662I then spent the next 3 hours snoring under this tree, and it was glorious. Apparently I was all spread eagle on the beach chair with my mouth wide open. That’s sexy right there.


Part III coming soon!









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