5 on a Friday – link up!

Wahoo! My very first link-up! Get excited, peeps!

Today some of my favorite bloggers – A.Liz Adventures and Carolina Charm – are linking up for 5 things you love. Here are the rules as posted on April’s blog:

I’ll tell you about five things that are making me happy this Friday. 
You blog about five things that are making you happy this Friday.
You link up your blog post to this post using the tools below.
We all get to see each others’ Five On Friday posts!
So….here I go!
1. As of Monday (Memorial Day), Donovan and I will have been married for ONE month! 

I met the man of my dreams in 2011.

I can hardly believe it has already been one month! Although I’m learning quite a bit about living with someone else – especially a guy – I’m thankful for my time with my new hubby. So far we’ve enjoyed cooking together and just being home at night together – something that has rarely, if ever, happened since I lived an hour away! We’re going to celebrate our month-iversary this weekend with a trip to see Hangover 3 at the movies….how romantic!

2. Another thing I’m loving….a 3 day weekend! Hallelujah! I love my job very much. but it is also nice to stay at home an extra day – have an extended weekend – and rest. Since being married, Donovan and I have not had a lot of time to our selves on the weekend, so this will truly be glorious!

3. Coconut Oil. 

coconut-oil-I never thought I’d be one to get into all this crazy beauty project mess, but I saw a couple Pinterest posts about using Coconut Oil for different things and just HAD to try it out! Last weekend, I covered my hair in coconut oil – Donovan said I looked like crazy – and sat with it on my hair for an hour and a half, then washed it out. My hair was luxuriously soft and smelled really good. I’ll have to do that again this weekend!

4. My Fit Foods. 

lI seriously love this place. My Fit Foods is sort of like Jenny Craig but a million times better. Donovan and I have been making trips to My Fit Foods a lot lately to purchase lunch meals for work. They are quick, cheap, and healthy meals for us to enjoy. Since we’ve been eating them for a few weeks, we decided to come up with the recipes ourselves to save a bit of money. So far we’ve made our own lean lemon turkey, and it is delicious!

5.  Blogging!

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged consistently, and I’m really started to enjoy getting back into it again. I’ve already made a few new friends!


What 5 things are y’all loving these days?




2 thoughts on “5 on a Friday – link up!

  1. So glad you linked up with us!! And happy 1 month anniversary…. our eighth year anniversary is in June and it doesn’t even seem possible that it’s been that long! I’ve heard a lot of great things about coconut oil as well — tempted to try it simply so my hair can smell ahhhmazzzing!

    Happy long weekend!!

  2. Happy 1 month! Before you know it you will be celebrating a year. Don’t blink!

    I have got to pick up some coconut oil. My mom tells me to get some every time i talk to her.

    Enjoy the long weekend and thanks for linking up! 🙂

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