Invitations and Programs – Wedding Paper Review

I’ve really been debating about whether or not I wanted to post reviews of my wedding vendors on my blog. I’m really not doing it to gain attention, but I hope that my reviews might help another stressed-out bride find exactly what she is looking for on a budget.

When my mom and I started planning the wedding invitations and programs, we kept the budget in this area to a minimum. I’m not a “paper” person. I don’t ever wander into those paper stores in the mall to sniff out the newest stationary or paper. That’s just not me. All I knew was that I wanted something simple, easy to put together, and clean-looking.

Our budget for Save the Dates was also really small. We ended up ordering the Save the Dates off of Vistaprint. I had used Vistaprint for some other work-related marketing, and I knew we could order a large quantity for a small cost. We decided to send postcards because 1) postcards are cheaper to order and 2) we could use postcard stamps which are just a few cents cheaper than regular stamps…and at this point we were looking to save anywhere we could.


I think they actually turned out really cute! I hand-addressed them all myself, and I even put a few notes on them — “hope you can make it!”, etc. We wanted our guests to have a more personal feel.

For the invitation, we decided to use Office Depot. Yes, I know what you’re thinking…that sounds so cheap and stupid. who would order their wedding invitations from Office Depot??? I DID! And it was the best decision I made. We saved a TON of cash – regular wedding paper/stationary stores gave us bids more than triple what the cost was at Office Depot, and I honestly don’t think we sacrificed any quality at all!

My mom and I went to the Office Depot in Addison – off Montfort and Belt Line Road and worked with the manager there. Her name is also Carrie – and she was AMAZING! She walked us through the sample wedding book and helped us with every twist and turn. Carrie told us we were her first customers to order wedding invitations, but you never would’ve known. Carrie knew exactly what to do was remained calm throughout the whole process. She was SO awesome! We were SO thankful that Carrie was there with us! So much so, my mom took a picture of us after we ordered the invitations!

invites, dress, house 001


Apparently, she also emailed this photo to Carrie at Office Depot and they hung the picture up in their back office. I feel like a celebrity!

Anywhere, here are our wedding invitations:

invite and envelope


The liner envelope (pictured) had a light blue inside. Also, not sure if you can really tell (thanks iphone!) but the invitations were an off-white color with black font. Me and Donovan’s names were in the same light blue color as the envelope for a little pop!

invitationSomehow we ran out of RSVP cards and Reception cards, but those were inserted as well, including the RSVP envelope. But, here, you get the idea. I LOVED our invitations because they were so simple, yet they had the unexpected pop of color.

When it came time to order wedding programs, my mom and I scouted out a few other printing places, but again, were quoted some ridiculously high costs. We decided to go back to Office Depot for the programs. I designed and laid out the programs, copied it to a flash drive, and then took it to Office Depot to be printed on blue cardstock.

program frontSorry it is so hard to see – my iphone takes crappy photos. Anyway- the programs were half sheets of regular cardstock 100#. We wanted  them thicker so they wouldn’t fall over when people were holding them. I used basic computer font, and I think these turned out perfectly as well. I mean, why spend $$ on wedding programs that your guests will just throw away when they get home? They only people keeping these are our parents (and may be the parents of the flower girls!). We didn’t need anything fancy. All we needed to do was display the order of worship.

At the end of the day, I think our total we spent on stationary (and stamps!) was half of our original budget. Huge props and thanks to Office Depot and Vistaprint for helping us get exactly what we wanted on a budget!






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