Ode to my Husband…aka: How I Met Your Father

My best friend from college planned her wedding to her awesome husband in March 2011. Erin had asked me to be a bridesmaid for her wedding, and I knew I would be traveling to Austin to be a part of her special day. A few nights before the wedding, Erin and her husband and I were sitting in the living room talking about who all would be attending. I kept asking if there would be any cute, single guys there, and both Erin and her husband laughed and said no – mostly family and older friends. Bummer. Until her husband mentioned a guy named Cye, who was his college roommate, and would be attending. Cye had just earned his law degree at some prestigious masters program, and he seemed to be quite a catch from what I heard. I was pretty excited to meet this fellow.

On the day of the wedding, I was pretty hungover. I mean, we had partied so hard after the rehearsal dinner. I even spilled red wine on the white carpet. It was a nightmare. Anyways- I felt (and probably) looked like death and spent most of the morning passed out on the couch in the bride’s room while everyone got ready. I’m classy, what can I say. Erin’s sister-in-law had a 6month old at the time, and about the time I woke up, it was clear he was needing to get out of the bride’s room for awhile while his mom got her hair done. I took the little tyke for a spin around the narthex, when I bumped into the baby’s daddy and Donovan. I had never met Donovan before and was wondering who he was. Donovan claims I stared at his ring finger to see if he was already married. I thought he was handsome, had a great laugh, and saw a twinkle in his eye. I knew I wanted to get to know him more….but not before meeting Cye.

206556_532085834196_8127986_nMinutes after we met, Donovan swung by the bride’s room to say hey to everyone. I’m sure I was a creeper because I just kept staring at him.

Later on, at the reception, I completely forgot about finding Cye, and was more interested in finding the bar. I remember waiting for my glass of red wine and looked over to see Donovan smiling at me. All I remember saying was “So….what’s your story?” He told me about living in DFW, and I remember saying. “Well, why aren’t we friends!” And that was the last I remember of that conversation. Quickly, my friends swept me off to the dance floor where I spilled red wine all over Erin’s bridal gown. (I’m realizing now that I might need a sippy cup…)ย From what I was told after we met…this is what Donovan did all night while I was dancing…



….and they said I was a creeper!

Anyways – later on in the evening, I FINALLY met up with Cye and completely forgot about Donovan (sorry, honey). We were completely engrossed in conversation, and I could have sworn I was about to marry a lawyer. In the middle of our conversation, Donovan came out of nowhere (I think it’s that 10 seconds of courage thing) and asked me for my number….right in front of Cye. I was impressed….and drunk. So I gave it to him.

The evening progressed, and I was invited back to Cye’s hotel room for a few more drinks post-reception. When I entered the room, the guy was standing there in his whitey-tighties. Talk about awkward. It was clear where he wanted this night to progress. I humored him and made out for a few hours….before he farted in front of me. I’m not talking about a squeaker, but a big ole smelly boy fart. Sexy. I immediately left and vowed never to see that guy again.

At brunch the next day, I nursed my hangover with biscuits and diet coke at Cracker Barrel. Again, I know how awesome this sounds. I was re-telling my nightly escapade, when one of my friends casually mentioned the other guy I met at the bar — Donovan. I didn’t have his number, but he had mine. I knew then that I would never hear from him. He saw me hanging out with another guy all night. I’m sure he figured I wasn’t interested.

Lie. He texted me about 20 minutes into my drive back to Dallas asking if I wanted to hang out the next week. Of course I did! ….although I was hopeful he would not fart on me like the other guy. We met up at Trinity Hall – a local bar in Dallas- and it was all over after that. We sat at the bar drinking until it closed- talking about anything and everything. It was glorious. We even made out for about an hour in the parking lot. What a keeper. ๐Ÿ™‚

Needless to say, I’m glad that Cye farted in front of me so I could be with Donovan…who also farts in front of me. But we’re married now, so I guess I have to deal with that. ๐Ÿ™‚



3 thoughts on “Ode to my Husband…aka: How I Met Your Father

  1. I love that you say it is glorious that you guys made out for an hour in a parking lot on your first date! And then said he’s a keeper!! Haha!

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