Workout Wednesday!


Linking up with Skinny Meg today for Workout Wednesday! I don’t have any crazy exercises to share or anything like that, but just want the world to know how proud I am of myself for working out for the past 2 weeks. I know it may not seem like much to those who work out constantly, but this is a big deal for me to commit to something like this again.

Donovan and I have been working out together – not big things – but taking walks after work, doing a little Rip Deck here and there, and some Nike Training Classes here and there. Tonight I’m going to spin class with a few friends. The last time I did spin cycling I couldn’t walk for a few days, so this should be fun.

I really am having fun getting back into exercising. Since I no longer live in bustling North Dallas, I’m actually able to put on my tennis shoes and just take a walk or ride my bike directly from walking out my front door. There are bike trails and walking paths everywhere which is AWESOME and definitely breaks up the monotony of going to the gym and doing the same boring routine every day.

Do any of y’all work out/exercise in the mid-cities area of Dallas? would love to have a buddy!



One thought on “Workout Wednesday!

  1. Hi CC! Glad to hear you have been using RipDeck and that your fitness program is going so well:)

    We would love to feature you and your blog In-App, on our website and social media. If you would like to be a custom RipDeck workout contributor, please email me at

    Happy RipDecking!

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