Back in the Saddle Again


Welp. I did it again. My 3rd spin cycling class ever.

If you know me, you know the first time I ever attempted spin cycling was a disaster. I was a junior in college, and our athletic center had just started spin classes. I went to the first one they offered – which just happened to be at 6am. For a college student that is damn early. I woke up early, changed into my exercise gear, and ate a banana before heading to the class. There were only 2 other people in the class. I’m telling you, it was early. We had only been biking for 20 minutes before I had the sudden urge to vomit. So I ran out of the class, out of the gym, and up-chucked in my dorm bathroom. Instead of going back to the gym, I laid down in my bed and skipped the rest of my classes that day to sleep. Nope – I wasn’t sick. Just extremely out of shape. I also vowed never to go back to a spin class ever again.

Fast forward to about a year ago. My friend Chad and I had been working out about 2-3 days a week pretty regularly, when I suggested we take a group fitness class to change it up a bit. Chad was hesitant, but went along with it. We completed the class, but we sat on our butts the whole time – never got out of the saddle and “ran” on the bike. After that workout, we both vowed never to do spinning again.

Fast forward some more. A few weeks ago I emailed one of Donovan’s friend’s girlfriend – who is a personal trainer for Beach Body. We’ve been chatting about exercising and nutrition when she suggested we go to a spin class together for moral support. I immediately began DREADING going to the class from my previous 2 experiences. I didn’t want to feel defeated…especially biking next to someone who was completely in shape.

The class turned out to be really awesome! It was really great having my friend there with me to power through together. The instructor was helpful in getting my bike set up correctly – because apparently I had it set wrong the last 2 times I went! I even got out of the saddle and “ran on the bike” a few times! I never cranked up my incline as much as everyone else – but hey – you gotta start somewhere, right!

Some things I learned during my 3rd Spin Cycling Class:
1. I need to wear a sweatband. On my head. On my wrists. Everywhere. I was a dripping, sweaty mess!
2. I need biking shorts…or compression capris.
3. It’s ok not to pedal as much or as strong as the others. Comparing yourself to others in the class will get you nowhere.
4. Drink lots and lots of water before going to the class…or you will be really thirsty afterwards
5. Have an awesome husband to massage your legs after class 🙂

Although I’m having a hard time moving my legs today, I think I might try the class again next Wednesday and make it a habit. Since I’m biking outside with Donovan and Chad every Saturday, this will just help to build my endurance and strength.

Have y’all ever tried spin cycling before? Do you have any advice or tips for a beginner?


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