Bridal Portraits

If anyone out there in blog land is debating whether or not to take bridal portraits, I HIGHLY recommend it! Not only is it a good time to get a dry run of makeup and hair, but it’s also good to get accustomed to wearing a big/heavy dress! I couldn’t believe how exhausted I was after posing for a few hours in a heavy dress!

Caitlin from The Story Photography did my bridals (and our engagement and wedding/reception!), and I think she did a phenomenal job! My sister-in-law came to town to help me, and our wedding coordinator met us at Arlington Hall where we took the photos…and where our reception would eventually be.

When I first started thinking about how I wanted my bridal portraits to go, I knew I wanted something timeless. I didn’t want to pose in front of a pile of trash  for a shabby chic look. I also didn’t want something so high glam that just wasn’t me. Arlington Hall is a beautiful location and gives the photos a true Southern feel. Although I’m sure that I’ll look back at my photos and laugh at my hair and makeup and dress many years from now, but I know that no matter what – I felt absolutely beautiful on this day!….and my wedding day!

So…here’s a sampling of a few of my bridal portraits….we took a few inside Arlington Hall, and a few outside, and I think the ones outside came out much better.

011 (1 of 1)



I absolutely LOVED my flowers! Blue Hydrangeas are my favorite flower, and they really added a cool pop of color to the photos.

013 (1 of 1)


My sister-in-law said I looked like I was waiting for my confederate soldier in this picture. Ha!


020 (1 of 1)My mom had a bridal portrait taken similar to this, so it was fun to re-create it. I don’t look much like my mom, but it was cool to see our photos together.

035 (1 of 1)I absolutely LOVE this photo! We had the photographer crop it a bit to make it a closer-up image. It was the runner-up for the “official” bridal photo. I ended up printing out an 8×10 for Dono’s night stand.

041 (1 of 1)


044 (1 of 1)


063 (1 of 1)Just for fun I took a pic with my cowboy boots for a pop of color. My mom thinks this is ridiculous because she paid so much for my real wedding shoes and that I would “junk” up a photo with my boots….but I think it’s cute!

064 (1 of 1)


All in all it was an awesome day! The weather was in the 60’s and clear skies which made for great photos! I’m so proud of these, and I can’t wait til we move in a house when I have more room to display them all!





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