Got a Secret. Can you keep it?


I swear I must be 13 years old. I’m SO excited for the season 4 premiere of Pretty Little Liars tonight! I got hooked on this show about a year ago. I didn’t have cable, and I spent a lot of time watching old tv episodes on Netflix. One weekend, I was home by myself and was tired of watching the same old episodes of CheersDrop Dead Diva, and Friends. One of my friends from college had been tweeting about #PLL and all these crazy dramatic posts, and I started to look into that. She was addicted to Pretty Little Liars. And now I can see why.

The first few episodes were hard to follow, and I was sort of disappointed. I was looking for a good mystery show, and I had trouble remembering who all the characters were. I kept watching, though, to see what all the buzz was about. Now I’m addicted too. The show is so good!…and I even get scared in some parts. And I’m DYING to know who “A” is!

Around season 2 was when I really started to get sucked in. I started reading PLL theory blogs. Did you know there is a whole blog out there devoted to proving that Aria is “A”??? That is ridiculous! I’ve read some theories that are just nuts…and some that actually seem true. I’m not sure where the writers are going with the season, but I sure hope they give us some more clues as to who the red-coated lady is!

Do y’all watch PLL? Who do you think is A?



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