Letter To Your 21 Year Old Self



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Recently…and I’m not sure why…but I’ve been thinking a lot about my college-aged years. I really miss my friends, living care-free, and having fun every.dang.day. However, I do remember 21 was an interesting year for me. So…without further ado – a letter to my 21 year old self…

Dear Carrie (at 21) – 

Hi friend! Congrats on turning 21! I know how excited you are about being 21 and finally legal to drink (not like that stopped you any time before). But please don’t get too crazy! You will soon find out how much you love margaritas and you won’t be able to stop drinking them!




Really cherish your time with your friends from college – as they will soon become your life best friends. Who cares if your professor calls you “The Plastics” – these people are your friends and care about you! Ignore what others say about you and don’t give in to the drama as it is just not classy.




Get excited about your sorority’s parties! I know you think they are lame and dumb because there are so many rules surrounding the evenings – but have fun! Dress up funky and act like you don’t care. In the end, you’ll wish that you had spent more time enjoying the party instead of making fun of it!







One thing you need to look out for this year is a huge heartbreak. Your boyfriend, who you thought you loved, will break up with you. It won’t be easy since he cheated on you with his ex-girlfriend and your college roommate will see them on a date together and tell you about it. You will spend the month of January crying and upset. But don’t worry, you’ll meet another guy in 2 months who you believe will be your life partner. That won’t work out either. But don’t fret, my pet. God has someone even better and awesome-er than those 2 losers for you to marry. He will make your heart swell everytime you see him, and one day he’ll get down on one knee and ask you to spend the rest of your life with him…while you continue to giggle. Just be patient, my friend.

The summer after you turn 21, you’ll participate in an internship program called Project Transformation, and it will be the best experience of your life. It will be hard. Like really hard. And you will cry a lot and do a lot of self-discovery — but it is totally worth it. The kids will change your life more than you change theirs.





You will also meet some life-long friends during this internship, too! Enjoy every minute – even the hard parts- and don’t give up. God is working.

One other thing — when you go to Europe with your college choir – soak it up. Enjoy the tourist-y moments, and singing in the most beautiful places. You are such a lucky girl to have these experiences, and it will be something you never forget!



All in all – HAVE FUN! Enjoy life! And be proud of the things you have accomplished! Once you are out in the “real world” people don’t care about these things. But you will. Take care of your friends, and they will have your back. Keep exercising, and don’t drink as much beer as you want. You’re just going to get fat. Trust me. And always remember to love yourself.


Carrie (at 27)


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