Wedding Rehearsal

Last week, a few of my mom’s cousins mailed us a CD with over 360 photos on it from our wedding weekend. Since we are still waiting to review the professional photos, I was REALLY excited to see these — not to mention, candid shots are always the best!

Leading up to the wedding, I was most nervous about the rehearsal. I think mainly because it was the first time that the major “players” in both of our families would be in the same room. There are always too many chiefs – and not enough indians – when it comes to weddings, so I prayed furiously that things would go smoothly. And they did! It really helped having two of my college friends officiate our wedding. They are just a bit older than us, but have great sense of humor – while also maintaining the dignity and seriousness of the wedding ceremony.

We started out the ceremony rehearsal with a quick prayer and then got the wedding party in their places.


Not only did our officiants direct most of the rehearsal, but we had a wedding planner, too, who assisted with more of the technical directions.


Boy, I look thrilled in this picture! HA! It had already been such a long day. We had the Bridesmaids luncheon earlier that day, and I already had enough stress and thoughts rolling through my head.

After we went through all of the technical  information, we all recessed to the back of the chapel, and then processed back in to our places.


I had completely  forgotten to make a fake bridal bouquet from the ribbons/bows from the shower gifts. It was not something that ever crossed my mind. Luckily, my mom had made one out of a paper plate and white ribbons. Not the fanciest – but it did the job. Not to mention, my flower girls were more interested in holding it than me!

Of course, our officiants made us practice “the big kiss,” and Donovan and I got a good laugh out of that. My biggest fear on my wedding day was having a really awkward first kiss in front of everyone. I mean, have you seen the TLC show “Virgin Diaries”??

Thankfully we didn’t have an awkward kiss!



Although I was a complete ball of nerves and excitement, I thought our rehearsal went pretty well. We stuck to an hour and everyone was well-behaved!

What was your favorite part of your own wedding rehearsal?


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