Father’s Day Weekend

Happy Father’s Day out there to all the baby daddies!

Donovan and I started out the weekend by going to see The Internship. We went to a movie theater that serves food, and I completely cheated on my diet. My legs were hurting so bad from our workout last week that I just had to drown my sorrows with fried chicken, french fries and popcorn. The movie was pretty funny though, so I’m sure I burned a lot of calories laughing. May be.

On Saturday we headed to my parents’ house to celebrate Father’s Day a bit early. After a light lunch, we headed towards downtown Dallas to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. I had previously been down to the museum for a hard hat tour before it was completed, so it was really neat to see everything come together — and to see SO many children (and adults!) enjoying science! I know Donovan had a great time, too! Every time I turned around, he was in the midst of children reading every poster and participating in every hands-on activity. It was awesome! We’ll definitely be going back soon to spend more time in the exhibits!

After church on Sunday, we came home to this bathing beauty….

photo (4)Ow! Ow! NOT! Seriously. This is a middle-aged man laying in a speedo THONG at our apartment complex pool which is right outside our front door. Donovan and I could not stop laughing at him, and we had to wait until he left before we felt comfortable going to the pool. I mean, I understand he has a right to wear this – but c’mon. There are small children that live around here, and no one else wants to be at the pool when he’s there because it is so uncomfortable…not to mention he doesn’t even live in our complex!!!

Back to work this week, and back to the gym. Today was a good back and biceps today. According to my Polar FT40, I burned 662 calories in an hour. Awesome! I gotta keep it up!




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