Let ‘Em Eat Cake

There are many aspects about our wedding that I loved so much, but I think one of the highlights was our wedding cake!

Since our reception venue, Arlington Hall, has a special relationship with local bakery, Frosted Art, we decided to go with the recommendation and order our wedding cake from them.

On our initial consultation, I knew exactly what I wanted. I knew I wanted a tall white cake with cascading blue hydrangeas. It doesn’t get simpler than that. It took us a bit to negotiate with the sales staff about the tiers and serving size so we could get the cost right, but I think it turned out PERFECTLY!


We picked a traditional white wedding cake with raspberry filling. It was divine. I remember taking a bite of the cake at the wedding and then asking for more. Unfortunately we weren’t able to eat any more since we were rushed back to the dance floor, but we did get a to-go box which we ate in bed the next morning at the hotel. Still not enough cake. I can’t wait until our 1 year anniversary where we can order a top tier and enjoy it all over again!

Any brides out there looking for a delicious cake – go to Frosted Art! They have some crazy examples of cakes in their office, but they can also do simple orders, as well as cupcakes, tarts, and pies! I’m still dreaming about this cake….


4 thoughts on “Let ‘Em Eat Cake

  1. I absolutely loved your cake! I told my mom this weekend how good your cake was and that I was going to ask you for the details when I plan my wedding!

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