Things I Cannot Do

Yikes. You’re welcome for the overly positive attitude I am displaying today. 🙂

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Since I’ve been a little under the weather this week, a few things have come to light that I would like to share. This week, here is my top 5 (+1) list of things I cannot do…or things that drive Donovan crazy.

1. I cannot hawk a loogey. Is this even how you spell that? You know what I mean. When my throat is filled with that glorious mucus, I cannot, for the life of me, get it out without throwing up. Anytime I’m sick or sinus-y, I literally have to make myself throw up to get that stuff out. (you’re welcome for the awesome mental picture I just gave you).

2. I cannot ever remember to stir a pot with a plastic spoon. I think I just love hearing the clanging of metal together, but apparently this scratches the pots and pans…and drives Donovan nuts, too. Everytime I start cooking with pots and pans, he has to be all helicopter cook on me and follow me around to make sure I’m using the correct spoons and spatulas instead of regular fork and knives.

3. I cannot sleep without snoring. Nope.  I had my tonsils removed when I was like 3 or 4. Actually, I’m not sure how old I was, but I was little. Anyways. My dad keeps yelling at me to get a nose job since he thinks this will clear up my breathing issues at night. I don’t have the guts to get a nose job. I sleep just fine at night. Not quite sure how Donovan sleeps. He did record me snoring last night. Sexy.

4. I cannot roll my “R”s like they do in Spanish. And please don’t make me try. It sounds like I’m trying to gargle nails and nuts and bolts. Yep. Sorry for the other graphic mental image.

5. I cannot be mean to people. In my head I can say some really nasty things, and I can always think of what I wanted to say AFTER the fact that would have been a really good response to a mean comment, but I can NEVER do it to someone’s face. Guess that’s the Southern in me.

and for a Bonus Win:

6. I cannot believe that Kim and Kanye had a baby and didn’t release the name for 4 (!!) days! I seriously thought it would have slipped in the media before then. Good grief!




One thought on “Things I Cannot Do

  1. Those things don’t annoy me :). Also, Kimye did not name their child… they gave it directions… not sure what good that is going to do for it ;P

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