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Are you getting tired of reading about my wedding? Good. I promise I’m done soon. May be.

I meant to post this a lot earlier, but work has been incredibly crazy, so I don’t really get a lunch break anymore. In the next 4 years, we are bringing on 45,000 new clients. Not joking.

Anyways…back to my wedding…

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My wedding was exactly everything that I wanted and had dreamed about for years. There were so many aspects of the wedding that I REALLY cared about — and then there were some things that I was kinda “meh” about – but I thought everything went swimmingly, and I had the best time of my life. That’s what your wedding is supposed to be, right!? The day after our wedding, Donovan and I woke up in our hotel room and both looked at each other and said, “That was THE best day of my life!” What a great way to start our lives together!

Now for the details…

DATE: We picked April 27th. We didn’t really have a specific date in mind – I mean, it’s not special til you are married on it, right? When deciding, I really wanted the wedding to be in December (the church is already decorated, hello!!!), but Donovan really wanted a spring time wedding. Once he proposed, we really couldn’t fathom having an almost 2 year engagement. We promised my parents we would be engaged a year. So we were. He proposed on April 14, 2012, and we got married on April 27, 2013.

LOCATION: From the very beginning, I knew I wanted Perkins Chapel at SMU for our ceremony venue. I went to grad school at SMU, so the chapel was a very important part of my life for so long. I had worshipped there for 2 years as a grad student, and for 3 years as a Project Transformation intern. The chapel is so beautiful and regal, I couldn’t imagine being married anywhere else.



Our reception was held at Arlington Hall at Lee Park. Donovan and I wanted something a little more “down home” and less formal, but my parents really pushed us to have the reception at Arlington Hall. Their argument was that we were having a really  formal ceremony – so we needed to match that with the reception. We were not agreeable at first, but we made some negotiations that worked out just fine for us. In the end, Arlington Hall turned out to be a beautiful location. I wish it had been a smidge bigger to accommodate our guests, but it is what it is. The venue was very “Old South” and just very beautiful.



BRIDAL PARTY: From the beginning, we knew we wanted a small bridal party. Both Donovan and I have LOTS of friends and acquaintances, and it was too difficult to narrow it down at first. It was the whole – “Well, if we ask him/her, then I need to ask him/her” and it just got out of control. We were trying to keep our guest list numbers down, so we decided to have 3 attendants each – our brother/sister-in-laws and our 2 best friends as our Matron of Honor and Best Man. We also asked my little cousins to be flower girls and ring bearer and Donovan’s nephew to be the 2nd ring bearer. At first we were concerned at the age of the little people, but they all did so well and were so adorable!

Not Pictured: One of the ring bearers!

Not Pictured: One of the ring bearers!

One thing I loved about the flower girls was their dresses. The oldest flower girl wore the same exact flower girl dress that I wore in my cousin’s wedding when I was her age. My mom had preserved the dress, and I was SO excited when it fit the oldest flower girl so perfectly! Immediately, we had 2 additional dresses handmade to match the first one. I LOVED how they came out, and it was so special to me. Also – the ribbons in their head pieces were ribbons that my grandmother had carried in her Bible when she walked down the aise so many years ago. We also had something special for the guys – the oldest ringbearer carried a ring pillow that was made out of fabric and lace from my mom’s wedding dress.

COLORS: Again, early on, I knew exactly what I wanted. Blue hydrangeas are my favorite flowers, so I knew I wanted the “antique-y” blue color. Not everyone looks good in that color, so I also picked Navy and a darker purple to tie all the colors in together. I think everything looked so spring time-y and pretty!

FIRST DANCE: Donovan and I really thought hard about our first song. We both love music and could not decide on a song we could agree on. Eventually, we heard “My Best Friend” by Tim McGraw on the radio, and I instantly knew that was the song that summed up our relationship and would be our first dance song. My dad and I danced to “The Way You Look Tonight” by Frank Sinatra, and Donovan and his mom danced to “Angels” by Randy Travis. My dad and I had taken dance lessons at Arthur Murray (thanks to a Groupon) but neither of us could remember the moves, we just winged it!


The Party: One thing I really loved about our reception was that the band “Icehouse Band” was a COMPLETE surprise to our friends and family. One a select few knew about the band. We had originally hired a DJ who was pretty good, but my parents went above and beyond to hire one of the best bands in Dallas. And they brought the house DOWN! I don’t think I’ve ever cut loose and danced so much in my entire life!




OUR HONEYMOON:  Donovan’s dad surprised us with a trip to Palm Island in the Grenadines. We stayed at Palm Island Resort, and it was to die for. We had so much fun just laying on the beach and enjoying our time together. Not to mention, the scenery was SO beautiful! You can read more about our honeymoon HERE, HERE, and HERE.


WHAT WOULD I CHANGE: Eh, not much really. I wish there wasn’t as much pre-wedding drama, but hey- I think everyone thinks that! I wish we would’ve had a bit more time to visit with our friends and family before the band started. I wish I got to eat more cake. All trivial things really. Our wedding was the bombDOTcom, and I’ll definitely be dreaming about it for many years to come!

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