My Most Favorite Vacation EVER


Linking up today with Holly and Amy to share about my most favorite vacation ever!

Gosh, this is the hardest decision to make as I’ve been on so many GREAT vacations! Most recently, I LOVED our honeymoon to Palm Island in The Grenadines. You can see some pictures and commentary Here , Here,  and Here.

When I was a kid, we traveled EVERYWHERE! My parents were really big on getting us out of our own backyard and seeing the world. As a kid, it’s sometimes difficult to appreciate the things your parents make you do – but looking back – I see how much my parents sacrificed to take us on fun trips! Before I had gone to college, I had traveled to the following places (not including standard family trips to Memphis to see my grandparents):

Disney World in Florida
Buffalo, New York and Niagara Falls
Blowing Rock, North Carolina
Phoenix, Arizona – the Grand Canyon
Oregon and Washington State
Yellowstone Park

Although I had some great trips as a kid, I think my favorite vacation (ok, well it wasn’t really a vacation) was when I studied abroad in Italy. In college, I took a summer module to study the Renaissance’s effect on Church Music (yes, I’m cool), and we studied in Rome, Florence, and Venice.


throwing coins in the Trevi Fountain



The Roman Colosseum

This trip was so awesome on so many levels. First- being with a fun group of people when you’re on vacation (or traveling in general) makes for a better trip. Everyone on our module was so laid back and willing to have fun.

Me and our Professor (my college choir director)

Me and our Professor (my college choir director)


Another thing that was really cool was just visiting the historic places in Italy. I had just finished reading Angels and Demons when we left on this trip, so it was fun to walk around and try to map out where the events took place. We also took a day-trip to Pisa for fun, and of course, had to take pics with the Leaning Tower!


Also, Venice is my favorite place in the entire world, so I LOVED being able to go back there! While we were in Venice, we got to feed the pigeons, ride on a gondola, and swim in the Adriatic Sea!





Not only are the sites cool to see….but I’m PRETTY sure I gained a zillion pounds drinking, eating, and partying. I mean, that’s what Italy is all about, right!?! There is a chain restaurant in Italy called “Pastarito” and I’m pretty sure I ate there at least 5 times on the trip. SO GOOD.





Let me just pause for a moment right here, and let you know that I partied at YAB (nightclub) before Jersey Shore made it popular! When we were in Florence, we partied at YAB one night, and…oh man…I don’t remember much….but I do remember how awesome it was!


DSC01166(No I am not naked in that picture).

The best vacations are the ones where you can let your hair down and REALLY let loose. You enjoy the people you’re with. You enjoy the food and drinks. And you feel relaxed when you come….even if you DID have to study and take tests!

What was your favorite vacation?



2 thoughts on “My Most Favorite Vacation EVER

  1. Wow! What a great trip. Venice is probably second on my list of places to visit. I would love to go there. Thanks so much for linking up!

  2. You’re so lucky to have travelled to so many wonderful places. I have heard that Italy is one of the top places to see. I’d love to be able to go someday!

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