5 Things on a Friday

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Linking up again with these wonderful ladies for 5 things I’m thinking about on Friday!

1. I hate being sick. 

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Last week I was really under the weather with a bad sinus infection. I ended up working from home last Wednesday, and it’s been a really slow recovery this week. Then, last night, Dono came home from work not feeling well, either. Certainly in the first year of marriage we knew we’d be sharing a lot – but now we’re sharing sicknesses!

2. I really want to have a garage sale! 



Since we got married, we’ve been stockpiling our guest bedroom with the things we want to get rid of. I mean, we really don’t need 3 blenders. Granted, the junk in our spare room is not hurting anything, it is driving me crazy! Does anyone else go through crazy spells where you just want to throw everything away? I must be watching too many episodes of Hoarders because I’m ready for that stuff to go!!

3. I’m craving some junk food. like WHOAH.


As Holly says…..Greta is just around the corner, so I’m craving everything that I should not be eating. I’d love to have a Gloria’s chicken burrito. TCBY. Chik Fil A. Movie Popcorn. You name it, and I want to eat it!

4. Fourth of July plans


It’s no surprise to anyone in our circle that 4th of July is my husband’s favorite holiday. There’s something about drinking beer, lighting fireworks, and sweating that just makes him jump up and down with excitement. He loves going up to his parents’ house in Missouri since they typically have a party and there is a lot of drinking involved. We went last year (me for the first time) and it was really fun. We really want to go again this year, but I’m afraid I may not be able to get off work. Because of the wedding, I’ve already spent all my vacation days for the year already, and my boss has been generous to give me more days than normal, so I fear asking for more days off. How would  y’all handle this???

5. I need a vacation. 



Now that the weather is super hot, I got exhausted just walking to my car. The heat is just draining. It makes me wish I was back on the beach, reading a good book, and swimming in the ocean.



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