July Goals

I’m not typically good at establishing and creating goals in my personal life. Professionally? Hell yes. I’m all over that- busting through accounts, raising more money than expected, etc. I can definitely do that! When it comes to personal life? I’m totally lacking. I mean, here we are 2 months into married life, and we only have 1 picture hung up on the wall– while I’d love to have all of them up!

So in efforts of helping my weight loss plan, I’ve decided to try goal-setting again. Plus, it never hurts to start at the first of the month! Now, don’t judge me, but these goals will be very broad (I’m new at this, remember). I don’t want to set myself up for failure the first week out of the gate.

1. Eat Correct Portion Sizes 


This is one thing I’m REALLY guilty of. I do not pay any attention to the serving sizes on food, and I end of eating way too much. Sometimes I’ll tell myself that the actual portion I’m eating is still the same caloric amount as the real serving size. Don’t judge. We’ve all done it. This month I really plan to eat the correct serving sizes and to stop eating when I’m full. This is going to be hard when we’re in Missouri this weekend for the 4th, and all I want to do is eat hot dogs and drink beer. Portions, people, portions!

2. Log my food and exercise into My Fitness Pal. 

I’ve been doing pretty good on this lately, but I really need to log ALL my food. I’m totally guilty of logging all my meals, and then omitting the bowl of ice cream I had for dessert. Ugh. Log, Log, Log. Feel free to follow me and give me some encouragement. Click here to get to my fitness pal profile. 

3. Drink More Water 

I just bought another Camelback water bottle, so I don’t have any excuses. I’ve been doing a better job of this – where I’ll drink 1 full bottle before I get to lunch, and then I’ll drink another full bottle of water after lunch, but before I leave work. Then, of course, I’ll have water with my workouts. I’ve been doing better about not drinking cokes, but I still need to drink more water.

What are your July goals?


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