That One Time I Ate Salmon Jello

Earlier this morning, a friend and I were talking about the most interesting foods we’ve ever eaten. I’m not going to lie – I’m really not that adventurous with food. The craziest thing I’ve ever eaten was Ethiopian food — but that is really not that adventurous since it is basically lentils and spices blended together and poured on a plate.

But then I was reminded of the one time that I ate salmon jello. shudder.

Back in my fundraising days (ok, 2 years ago), I was invited to give a sermon for an elderly congregation in South Dallas. Following church, the missions director invited me and several other church folks over to her house for lunch. I had been to her home before, so I knew it would be a lovely event. This woman loves to entertain. I was not surprised when we arrived at her house, and she had a whole spread of lunch foods all set out. Before the prayer, she was informing everyone of what each dish was, but the man next to me decided to tell me his life story just then, so I missed the description of what I was about to eat.

After the prayer, we started the buffet line, and of course, I had to go first. I’m not kidding when I say it was all old people food. I loaded up my plate with cold pasta salad, a cold tomato with semi-warm cheese on top, and a slice of jello. I thought it was weird that we were not having any kind of meat with our lunch – you know – turkey sandwich, slices of ham…anything!

salmon jello mold


I started eating when I sat down, but stopped when I got to the jello. It seriously looked like the picture above, I’m not even joking. At first I thought it was just orange (cranberry?) jello with bits of apricot (raisins?) in it. I had no idea, but I did know that it looked really weird. I’ve never seen a “creamy” jello before. Thinking it would be fruity, I decided to put a big spoonful on my fork and take  a huge bite. Well. It WAS jello. However, it was NOT fruity. It was warm and a bit salty. WHAT? Who eats jello like this?

By this point a few others had sat down and were eating around me when I casually leaned over to my biography-friend to ask what was in the jello. Apparently he didn’t know either (you know, because he was sharing his whole life story with me), so he yelled, “BETTY, WHAT’S IN THIS JELLO????”

Betty sat up in her chair and proudly exclaimed, “Why, it’s salmon jello, sweetie.”

WHAT. EW. I immediately spit out the salmon jello into my napkin…casually – making it look like I was wiping my face – and tried not to vomit. I then politely told Betty that I was allergic to seafood (I’m not). She asked if she could make me anything else, but at that point, I had lost my appetite.

I have never in my life heard of someone make jello out of salmon. Ack. I’m gagging just thinking about it. What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten??



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