Workout Wednesday- Setback Addition


Linking up with Skinny Meg today for another addition of Workout Wednesday.

I’m not going to lie – I was really discouraged Monday night. Donovan and I went to ride bikes after work, and halfway through the ride (about 4 miles) I suddenly felt nauseous and lightheaded. It’s been a REALLY long time since I got lightheaded riding a bike. Even in spin cycling class I don’t get light headed! Then, at the end of the ride (about 7 miles) I felt nauseous again. When we got back into the house, it seriously took me about 30 minutes to recover. I was so mad at myself.

For the last 3 weeks I’ve suffered from a horrible sinus infection — including antibiotics and cough medicine and the whole 9 yards. Then, this past weekend, when I started feeling better again, we were in Missouri where I ate like crap and didn’t exercise. Monday, when I got off work, I knew I wanted to get back started again on the fit train, but it just really took it out of me.

Last night I decided to go for a walk/jog or a wog as Jennifer says. It was blistering hot outside – probably 100+ degrees – even at 6pm. It typically takes me about 30 minutes to wog 2 miles which isn’t bad considering what my 2 mile run time was in high school …..but we”ll just leave that out of this.

I will say, I was pleasantly surprised when I ended my wog and found out I had burned almost 500 calories just from a 2 mile wog!!! WHAT!

photo (3)

Seeing those calories burn was definitely a boost of confidence – even for just 37 minutes! Tonight I plan to go back to spin cycling and jump back on the bike.

Through all of this I’ve learned that it is okay to heat poorly and not exercise every once in a while. It should never happen often, but you just have to jump back on the fitness train and get back to it. Yes, it is discouraging. Yes, it is frustrating. But you just have to get out there and do it.

What are your best motivational tips for when you step off the fitness train for a few days?

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One thought on “Workout Wednesday- Setback Addition

  1. My thing is, if I workout that day, I can eat a little more that night. If I don’t workout that day, I have to eat less and make it healthier than normal.

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