Keep on Spinning

Last night I went back to spin cycling class with my friend Chad. It has been about 4 weeks since I last went to spin class – sinus infection, our trip to Missouri, etc. I was actually quite excited to go back and hop back in the saddle. Weirdly, I’m actually enjoying spinning!

I found out when I got to the class that there is a new instructor. She’s WAY too nice. And quiet. And only seemed to motivate herself. It was odd. She never offered to walk around the class to help anyone set up their bikes (I always need help – I can never do it right) , and it almost seemed like she was there to work herself out and didn’t care about the rest of us. It was very strange.

10 minutes into the workout and I was already pouring  with sweat. The last instructor was big on time intervals and going faster and slower — this woman was all about “riding heavy.” I swear to God she started us off on Level 15. WHAT. You have to work up to that, lady! We spent most of our time in the upper gear levels – 15-20. It was hard. REAL hard. I pretty much feel like my legs are going to fall off today.

I am proud of myself though because I did all of the gear changes she did. I was a bit slower than her as far as speed, but my thighs feel a nice burn today. I’m trying to talk my friend Chad into going to spinning with me on Friday night. I’m 100% sure he’ll say no. And do I really need to do spin class 2x  a week? I think I might die.

Have y’all ever tried spinning class? I think I’m getting hooked! It’s the easiest way to burn a lot of calories in an hour!


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