Wedding Vendor Review – The Garden Gate {Florals}

When it came down to picking flowers for the wedding, I was 100% clueless. We knew our wedding colors — that was easy — but I never grew up dreaming about the flowers I would carry walking down the aisle. I didn’t have a theme for our wedding, but I wanted it to be something classic and timeless. I really don’t like standing out in a crowd, and I dress pretty tastefully, so I knew I didn’t want anything too wild.

My mom and I met with another floral boutique — who shall remain nameless — and they were just plain terrible. The florist showed up 20 minutes late to our meeting, and could not grasp the concept I wanted. I told him that if I had to describe my perfect outfit – it would be all black with a pop of color. I didn’t want glitz, diamonds, feathers, etc. Tasteful and classic. His suggestion? Yellow Forsythia. What? That is not a classic flower.

I did some research on my own and decided that I really liked blue hydrangeas. They are very soft and romantic, and in my opinion, a flower that doesn’t “stick out.” It’s a very “Carrie” flower.

Our wedding coordinator suggested that we meet with Junior from The Garden Gate. Junior does the florals for Highland Park Methodist where my parents go to church, so I knew he would be good…and most likely pricey.

I met with Junior first by myself. His office is freaking amazing. You walk up the staircase and his big desk sits in front of a large TV screen connected to his computer, so you can see everything he is doing. I told him our wedding venues and my vision for the wedding. He immediately began pulling up photos of flowers from other weddings, including weddings at our same venues so we could see how they would look inside. I told Junior about the yellow forsythia the other florist recommended and he just laughed. Then pulled up a picture of an event that used yellow forsythia. The event? The Ronald McDonald House Fundraiser! HA!

Junior was very easy to work with and is very knowledgeable about flowers and how they will work in different spaces. He is also willing to work with any budget. I’ll be honest, he kind of laughed when I told him what we wanted to spend on flowers — but he did NOT disappoint. I’m pretty sure the amount and quality of flowers we received were MUCH more than what we actually paid. Boy, were we lucky!

Now…on to the pictures… (all photos courtesy of The Story Photography)

019 (1 of 1)


My Bridal Bouquet

113 (1 of 1)

One of the urns at the front of the chapel during the ceremony

125 (1 of 1)

My mom and Dono’s mom both carried small nosegay’s of gardenias. We also opted for no boutonnieres for the guys to save cash.

129 (1 of 1)

My sister-in-law, Kristen, with her bridesmaids bouquet — a smaller version of my bridal bouquet

141 (1 of 1)

The flower girls carried even smaller versions of the bridesmaids bouquet. I loved the continuity among all parties! The flowers in their headpieces were fake flowers so they could keep them forever.

328 (1 of 1)

Another shot of the bridal bouquet….and some cleavage….

369 (1 of 1)

The cake! Junior also did the cascading flowers for the bridal cake. Omg so delicious. If you want details on the cake, click here.

377 (1 of 1)

The reception flowers were awesome! We had an even mixture of “tall” flowers and smaller bouquets. The taller bouquets were in glass vases so they were still easy to see around if you were sitting at a table.

381 (1 of 1)

A smaller arrangement on a bar top table

457 (1 of 1)

Omg so dreamy. I love these flowers so much!

So…. Would I recommend The Garden Gate? YES! Over and over again!


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