Advocare Spark Review


I never in my life thought I’d be blogging about Advocare products. There’s a girl that lives in our apartment complex that sells Advocare — her car is decked out in Advocare decals saying she has lost 50 pounds — however she still looks fairly large. I’m not knockin’ her …it just appears that the product is not working for her, which made me skeptical about trying it.

I’ve been reading a few bloggers who are die-hard Advocare users, and it seems they have had great success using Advocare, so I thought I would give it a try. Last week I ordered the Spark energy drink from Amazon. I got in the mail on Thursday, and I had my first Spark drink on Friday morning before work.

I blogged here that I didn’t think Spark actually worked since I never really felt a difference in my attitude or work ethic. It did not give me any more energy than I normally have. I told myself I would give it one more chance to let it work its magic.

Saturday morning Dono and I were supposed to have a garage sale, but for whatever reason, we decided not to do it. Instead, I suggested that we try a spin class together (he hadn’t gone yet) on Saturday morning at 9:3am. Come Saturday morning, about 8am, neither of us wanted to get out of bed. I hate to love spin class, but I knew we would feel better after going. For breakfast before class, I made a Spark drink and ate half an english muffin with peanut butter — enough fuel for me to make it through the class.

I’m pretty sure the Spark did it’s “thang” because I really powered through that spin class! Saturday mornings are not my forte-  I hate getting out of bed, and the Spark really did give me enough pep to make it through the class. I could tell I was really pushing myself towards the end and I felt a bit more focused.

I’m still giving Spark the “trial phase,” but I am glad to know it actually works.

Has anyone tried the fiber drink or any other vitamins? Anything you would suggest to me?



3 thoughts on “Advocare Spark Review

  1. That’s good to hear that you felt the Spark working in your favor. The results will vary somewhat for everyone. If you can, take it without food all by itself for best results. I like mine hot in the morning, and cold in the afternoon.

    As far as the fiber drink goes, it’s part of the popular “24 Day Challenge” weight loss program. But it can also be taken on its own for a gentle detox / cleanse. There are 2 flavors. The citrus fiber drink is harder to drink for some people due to its consistency, and bland flavor. The peaches & cream fiber drink tastes a lot better, but it also gentler as far as the fiber goes. I don’t mind either one, and can drink them pretty easily. Another way to mix the fiber drink is to add some orange juice to change the taste.

    The vitamins are the MNS packs you may have heard of. Each box is a 2-week supply of pills taken each day. Spark and MNS are 2 of the main products for AdvoCare. There are many more AdvoCare supplements that will help you with your fitness goals, but those 2 are the minimum that you should always take if you’re able to.

  2. I’ve tried the 24 day challenge, herbal cleanse, Omegaplex, and catalyst. I lost 15 pounds…2 dress sizes. They recommend doing the herbal cleanse then you are able to absorb the nutrients in the vitamins better. The products are pricey but you can get like a 20-40% discount. I guess it’s like going to the GNC with a discount card but the products are shipped to you. I recommend having a coach. Kim is def fabulous….she’s a great Advocare coach. Anyways, I think you can message her on her website hope this helps and good luck on your journey.

  3. My daughter and I started it 3 months ago and it has made a huge difference! My husband was so impressed with the Catalyst and how it helped me that he started with that. We are now on the 24 day challenge, his first time and my 2nd time ( you do it every 90 days)! I have lost 27 lbs, went from a size 6, to a size 2 or 0. My daughter went from a 10 or 12 to a 4 or 6, my husband on day 10 has lost 9lbs! I gave up and started selling when everywhere I went people were begging for my secret. You may say 6 isn’t that big, but it was for me. I am 5′ 2 1/2″, and was considered obese!

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