Starting Fresh – Workout

Hey Peeps!

Over the weekend I got a LOT of exercise in…more than normal at least … because I hate working out on the weekends.

Friday night after I work I took off on a 4 mile walk around our neighborhood. I started to jog, and my first mile was in 10 minutes! That’s pretty fast for me. My 2nd mile was 16 minutes…more my speed…and let’s not even talk about mile 3 or 4. They were hard. I was tired. And it was hot. I did make it back home, and spent the next 2 hours in the pool with a beer.


On Saturday morning, I made Donovan go to spin class with me. I’m tellin’ ya, I really love spin class! Hopefully I’ll work up my stamina because right now I just want to take a nap after every class. On Sunday afternoon, Dono and I went for a walk/jog. All was going fine on our 2 mile adventure, until I started to feel my lunch from Rosa’s Tortilla Factory start to come back up. I seriously felt GREAT on the jog — it was cooler weather, it was raining a little bit, my music was flowing. And then I puked. Right on the street. All over my headphones and t-shirt. Then I blew my nose in my t-shirt. I’m sexy. My husband tried not to gag while he patted me on the back. Epic fail.

Over the weekend we talked a lot about fitness routines and he told me I needed to amp up all this cardio with a bit of weight training. I’ve done pieces of Jamie Eason’s Live Fit Trainer before, but never completed the whole thing. Her workouts got a bit boring and familiar after a while to me. I’ve done some research, and this time I think I’m going to try Kris Getthin 12 Week trainer. 



I don’t like following the food plans on these training programs because it is a ridiculous amount of food — and SO expensive. Right now I just want to try keeping up with the workouts without dying.

Anyone want to try it along with me?



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