Late Workout Wednesday Post


So I forgot to post my Workout Wednesday post yesterday. Yikes. Sorry. It was a really busy day and I was just exhausted when I got home. Today’s/yesterday’s post is about my love/hate relationship with spin cycling.

I’ve only been going to spin class for about a month now — once a week, sometimes twice depending on how tired I am — but I’m really starting to get the hang of it. One thing I’ve learned about spinning is that MUSIC is key. Last night I went to spin with my friend Shannon (Hi, friend!) and the instructor played a few country songs and a lot of slower songs. What. I cannot work out to country songs. That is my beer drinking music. It must not get confused with biking/exercise music. Although the songs were slow, that meant that we had to “ride heavy” – aka: add as much resistance as you can. I can barely stand on the pedals and jump and make them go around in a circle when the resistance is that high. I much more prefer speed training workouts than resistance. I know it’s all strength training, but that is just my preference. All in all – the more inappropriate the music, the more I will want to bike. I’m taking David Banner, Reggatone, Lil John, etc.

Another important key to spin cycling is the instructor. I love an instructor who will push me and the others in the class – but not FORCE us to do the workout. I like having the flexibility to sit and pedal for a few seconds to catch my breath and not get made fun of. I don’t want to injure myself and I definitely don’t want to throw up. I’m not strong enough to go a full class at balls-to-the-wall speed/resistance quite yet, but it is helpful to have a good motivator.

Another thing I find awesome about spin class is the range of people who attend. I mean, there’s the guy in the front of the class going nuts on the bike. He obviously rides in real life- outdoors. He also knows all the answers to the Tour-De-France trivia questions the instructor asks. Then there is the one girl who looks like a Kardashian and doesn’t even put her hair in a ponytail. She doesn’t even look sweaty when she leaves. I still don’t get that because I look like I’ve been hit by a very sweaty bus. Then there’s the back row — larger folks who are just trying to make it through the workouts like me (except my friend Shannon – she is a baller…and not large!!) . Yesterday I biked next to a larger black woman who was HYSTERICAL. She’s really proactive about losing weight and was very inspiring. Not to mention I laughed at every cuss word that came out of her mouth.

I also love how many calories I burn a session — anywhere from 700 – 1,000. It’s insane. And then I’m starving afterwards. Awesome.

Have y’all done spin cycling yet? Any tips for me?


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