Guys Have It So Easy

Lemme tell you….guys have it so easy! After Dono and I got married, I knew I wanted to change my name. I’m a very traditional gal, and I always knew that I’d assume the last name of my husband after marriage. Little did I know how much work it would entail. Seriously.

About 2 months ago we received our marriage license in the mail. I went down to the Southlake Town Center (where our marriage licence records are kept) and had a few certified copies made for emergency purposes. I then gathered all my documentation together, birth certificates, etc — and MAILED them to the Social Security Office. I thought I had all my stuff together and properly documented so it would be a breeze getting my name changed.


About 8 weeks later, I received a letter in the mail with all of my documentation telling me that I did not submit the proper documentation. Apparently the Social Security Office will NOT accept a COPY of your driver’s license if you mail in your application. This does not make sense. How are you supposed to drive for 8 weeks without a driver’s license???? UGH.

I ended up having to take a morning off work to wait in line at the Social Security Office to get this changed. I got there right at 9am when they opened, and the line was already out of the door. Epic Fail. Luckily, the line to change your name moved pretty quickly, so I was in and out within an hour. Not to bad. Now I just have to wait about 2 weeks to get my new card in the mail. THEN I have go to the DMV, and I’m dreading that fun adventure.

All to say — being a girl sucks, especially because it takes FOREVER to get your name changed after a wedding. My recommendation? Make sure you have ALL original documents of EVERYTHING and DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT mail in your documents. They say it is quicker, but it is not. I promise you.

Did you have any issues changing your name after the wedding?



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