Week 2 Weekly Recap

Y’all. I’m feeling it this week for reals. How is it only week 2 and I’m already tired???? Not mentally…but physically. I’m getting plenty of sleep at night, eating the right things and working out — but I just need more sleep. Blerg.


gethin_12week_landing_headerSo here is my week 2 recap of Kris Gethin 12 Week Trainer.

Week 2


Currently, I’m on day 12 — so I’m not technically done with week 2 quite yet. I ended up switching day 9 and day 10 so my rest day would actually be spin class day — not really a rest, per se, but a day off of weights and strength training. I also took yesterday (Thursday) off instead of doing Calves and Abs. I was really having an off day yesterday (Greta is coming soon) and I just wanted to be lazy. Plus — we had to go through several boxes of junk to get rid of from when we moved in together 3 MONTHS ago! So much to do, not enough time. Not to mention, yesterday I had lunch at Subway instead of my usual “healthy” lunches, and I could really feel it. I felt sick full all day long, and was even full before we ate dinner around 7. Awful. I’ve really started noticing that I’m craving healthier foods instead of nasty processed, fast food.

SO – back to week 2 update. Spinning is really one of my favorite things now. On Wednesday, Dono came with me and we went to the later spin class at 6:45pm. I really don’t like working out/eating dinner that late, especially on a work night, but the instructor is SO much better and actually makes the class fun.  One thing I really need to invest in is a good sweatband becuase I am SO drenched with sweat following spin class. Yuck.

photo 3

photo 2


Although, I will say — Dono and I rewarded ourselves after spin class with some Eatzi’s. SO GOOD.

Tonight we’re planning to get back to the gym after our 1-day hiatus to hit the back and biceps workout. It’s going to be so hard. But we need it. Then, Saturday, we’ll follow up with morning spin class as our “rest” day, and then Sunday we’ll round out week 2 with another leg day. My best friend is in town this weekend visiting her brother (also my in-laws…I know,  it’s weird) – and we’re planning to meet up. I’m hoping that I can keep on my healthy eating schedule and not blow it this weekend with some crappy food.

Dono will be out of town next week on business, so I’ll be kickin’ it by myself in the gym. Anybody want to come work out with me?

I’m anxious to see Week 3 measurements to see where I am. Click on the Progress tab above or click HERE to follow me. I should be down at least half an inch in some areas.





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