Pampered Chef Brownie Pan Review

(Disclaimer: I was not paid or asked to do this review. These thoughts are solely my own.)

A few weeks ago I was asked to attend a bridal shower for someone I didn’t know. Apparently the bride-to-be was very young and didn’t have too many people that would be in attendance to support her. I’m always down for a party, so I decided to go. Little to my knowledge, the bridal shower was actually a Pampered Chef party. What. Apparently the bride-to-be was a huge pampered chef fan – so instead of us buying gifts for her she wouldn’t like (you know, because she didn’t create a registry), she decided to have a Pampered Chef party in her honor – where we basically had to watch a cooking demonstration and then order some Pampered Chef products that were on her wishlist.

Things were going well until the cooking demonstration started. The Pampered Chef representative was NUTS and was very scatter-brained. She was supposed to be making a Greek Salad, but instead made a big mess. I mean, she dropped the chicken on the floor. Yikes.

Anyways, I pretty much bolted after the demonstration – but before I left I had to place an order, you know, because it was the right thing to do. I love chocolate and brownies, and I figured the bride must, too (she was pretty large) so I ordered her a brownie pan. They were only about $20 so I ended up buying one for me and Dono, too, since he loves brownies about as much as the next person. If you want to read some more details about the brownie pan, click here. 



It’s not your typical brownie pan. I like that there are individual “pans” so each brownie is cooked to the same size. I thought that would come in handy if/when we ever have people over so my desserts wouldn’t look so lopsided.

Well, last night I decided to try the brownie pan in another endeavor. I searched the internet and Pinterest high and low to find some easy dinner recipes for the brownie pan. I figured the itty bitty squares might make for fun fun-sized food.  I did finally come across this website (warning: it’s a downloadable word document) with some pretty good recipes.

I ended up making mini-cheeseburgers from that recipe book, but modified the recipe a bit due to what ingredients I had on hand. I completely forgot to take a picture. Sorry. But the mini-cheeseburgers were delicious. I browned some beef (with onions and garlic of course).  Then, I layered croissant dough at the bottom, put some meat mixture and a piece of cheese on top, and put another croissant dough piece on top. Baked at 325* for about 20 minutes.

They came out pretty good — they looked nice, and were all even! I’m definitely interested in using this pan some more, but must find more recipes. Anyone out there have any good recipe ideas for the brownie pan?


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