July Goal Recap+ August Goals

If you remember – I started blogging my monthly goals last month. You can read July’s goals here.

My goals for July were to 1) eat correct portion sizes , 2) Log my food/fitness into My Fitness Pal (follow me here) , and 3) drink more water. I set some fairly easy goals this month to ease myself into fitness goal setting. I’ve never done that before. So…how did I do? I think for my first month in fitness goal setting I did a damn good job. For the most part, I ate proper portion sizes. On days when I did spin class, I definitely overate to compensate for the incredibly large amount of calories I burned. I know I don’t need to do that, but I’m hungry!!! The only other day I really messed up was when I ate pizza, popcorn, coke, and Olive Garden. That was not a happy stomach day.

For the 2nd goal – I also did a pretty good job logging my food/fitness. I only missed a few days – not because I was embarrassed to log what I ate, but because I was simply too busy to remember to add them. I found that logging into My Fitness Pal was very helpful for me to stay accountable to my goal. It gives me a real picture of how much I’m eating vs. how many calories I’m expending, so I know if I need to work out a bit harder or eat a bit less. Of course there were days where I may have had a bowl of ice cream…or Chik Fil A for dinner….it happens. And that’s okay. I just have to remember to get back at it the next day and to not make that a daily occurrence.

For the 3rd goal – I could still work on drinking more water. The good thing is – the water in my office building tastes really good, so I actually enjoy drinking water at work. However, when I get home, I drink milk with my dinner, or if we’re eating out, I order a coke. It’s a bad habit I still need to break. I need to start drinking water around the clock – not just during work at and at the gym.

So now….for August!

1. Drink MORE Water! 

Water Bottle


I can definitely do a better job of this. I really need to focus on quitting drinking coke and other soft drinks altogether. I’ve already slowed down on drinking cokes to about 1/week, but I can know I can quit it altogether. I NEED to quit it. I need you people to hold me accountable, and if you’re eating out with me, don’t let me order Coke or sugary drinks. I know I’ll have headaches and be angry – but don’t let me do it.

2. Work out at least 4 days a week. 


I don’t think this will be a problem since I’m currently on Kris Gethin’s 12 week trainer (I’m almost done with week 3!) With the trainer, I’m working out about 5-6 days a week – depending on if I go to spin class on Saturday mornings or not. I can already start seeing a bit of difference on my body, and I know if I keep it up, I’ll continue to see more changes.

3. Manage Greta better 


One of the blogs I follow – Holly’s Blog– Holly talks about “that time of the month” and calls her alter-ego “Greta.” Dono and I thought that was pretty hilarious, so we started calling it that. I hate Greta. Whenever she comes around, I just feel like moping and eating ice cream and not eating anything healthy. I really need to remedy that, because it puts a damper on everything else I’ve done that week. I need some tips or suggestions on how to motivate yourself to workout even though you feel like death….and what to eat to curb chocolate/sugary cravings that won’t kill my plan. Any thoughts or suggestions out there? I’ll happily take them!

4. Measure my progress.

I’m not weighing myself — because I don’t feel like scale numbers really do justice. I’m all about how I feel and how I look. Numbers aren’t everything. I’ve decided to measure myself each week (on Saturdays– the end of each week on Kris Gethin) and post my progress on my blog. You can click here to see my continued progress. I’m not brave enough to post pictures yet, but that might happen soon. We’ll see.

Ok. Those are my goals for August! Let’s see if I can keep my momentum and keep this up!


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