Friday’s Weekly Recap

Ok, friends. This blog is a way for me to not only share the good….but to share the bad and the ugly, too.

This week I did a horrible job with my routine. When Donovan goes out of town for work, I get all thrown off and just want to come home and be lazy after work. I don’t know why that is. I didn’t go to the gym except for Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. That is lousy.



I did make it to spin class on Wednesday night. It was my first time ever going by myself – without a friend. It was weird. Greta also visited that day, so I wasn’t feeling incredibly awesome, but I pushed through anyway. I really didn’t think I was pushing myself too hard, but after the class, my HRM told me I had burned over 700 calories. I’ll take that as a win.

On Tuesday (I’m all backwards) I found a new song on my iPod and busted out a back/bicep workout.



Am I the only one who likes to work out to the most inappropriate music ever? I don’t know what it is, but the dirtier the song, the harder/faster I workout. Is that weird? I’m totally in love with this song and was jamming with the windows down. If you google the song to listen to — trust me — it’s not safe for work. There are bad words. But it’s awesome.

I also did not eat very well this week. I get lazy when I’m by myself because I don’t have anyone to cook for. I did pretty decently until Wednesday night when I bought ice cream…and cherries…and lite cool whip. it was lite!!! Ha. Like that makes a difference. I had a moment of weakness and really WANTED ice cream. Ugh. I didn’t eat very much of it, but what I did eat made me sick. Guess my body is starting to regulate what it wants to eat and what it doesn’t.

I had another moment of weakness when I went out to dinner with my friend Katie last night. She just moved back to town, and we hit up Taco Diner — only the best place in the entire world. I had promised myself I was only going to have 1 or 2 Mambo Taxi’s ….but we were having so much fun and so deep in conversation, that I kept ordering. When I got my bill, I had drank 5 drinks!!!!! OMG! I haven’t drank that much since the night I got wasted on our honeymoon.



All to say, I feel gross today. I feel bloated and fat and yucky. I’m looking forward to getting back to spin class tomorrow morning and getting on my schedule. I need it. Hopefully my measurements didn’t suffer TOO badly this week!


3 thoughts on “Friday’s Weekly Recap

  1. Interesting. I eat healthier and workout MORE when Michael is out of town. The opposite of you. I wonder why that is? I guess part of it is going out to eat and drinking. I typically don’t do those two things alone, or at least very seldom do those things alone. And I guess having more free time gives me more time to fill so the gym keeps me busy.

    Just get back on track and keep moving forward. Set backs will happen but it’s important to not think “oh well. I’ve already screwed up Monday, might as well screw up Tuesday and Wednesday too”. Start making healthy decisions again now and keep going!

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