The Time I Almost Told Someone to “F Off” in Spin Class

Yep. It almost happened people.


This morning Dono and I woke up for our new routine of Saturday Spin Class. We invited a few friends to come, too – my friend Katie and her sister, and our friend Chad who normally works out with us. We were excited about the possibility of a party in spin class with our friends, so we got there a bit early to save some bikes. After all — we live about 30 minutes away from where everyone else was coming from.

Luckily, we got there early enough to save bikes for our 3 friends. About 5 minutes before class started, the room started to fill up. Our friends still hadn’t arrived and we were getting nervous we might lose the bikes. (Side Note: the Saturday spin class has been NO WHERE near full in the last few weeks we’ve gone). All of a sudden there were people everywhere. Another girl and her 2 friends (we’ll call this girl “Pink Shirt”) came in and needed 3 bikes together. The only 3 bikes available were the ones we were saving for our friends. We had thrown some of our stuff on the bikes to save them, but Pink Shirt would not have it and went and tattled to the front desk that we were saving bikes. When she came back, this is how the conversation went:

Pink Shirt: Umm, are you saving those bikes?

Me: Yes. Our friends are coming all the way to Dallas for their first spin class.

Pink Shirt: would you mind if your friends took other bikes — not sitting together — because I want to sit next to my friends.

Me: Well, we were actually here first, and purposefully got here early to get these bikes for our friends coming FROM DALLAS.

Pink Shirt: *sigh* UGH. Well, it is first come, first serve. (said snarky) The front desk said so.

Me: (At this point, I was pissed, so I was going to let her have the bikes). FINE. Take the bikes. I’ll tell our friends to just come to another class. (Now I’m getting angry). 

Pink Shirt: (all of a sudden trying to be nice) …..OH NO, I could NEVER do that.

Me: Seriously. Take the damn bikes. You were here first afterall (said sarcastically)

Pink Shirt: Don’t be like that. I’ll just sit over here.

Me: Take the DAMN bikes!!!! (My heart rate was through the roof. I know this because I wear a HRM)

At this point, Donovan had to intervene and tell me to get on my bike and shut up before I said something bad. Our friends ended up being late (by like a few seconds) and weren’t able to bike because there were none available. Also, it turns out that Pink Shirt (who was decked out in professional biking gear) was a TERRIBLE spin class rider. She had the clip-on shoes, the wicking clothing, the fancy water bottle, the whole 9 yards, but she did COMPLETELY crappy in the class. She didn’t follow any of the directions the spin instructor gave, and when she left she didn’t even look like she broke a sweat. That was the most frustrating part. Someone else could have gotten in a good workout.


Ok, now that I’m done venting. Dono and I did get in a good workout (I burned 872 calories), and spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool. I got a righteous sunburn, and there’s no amount of aloe that well help. Ouch, Charlie.

Anyone else out there need to work on their anger issues? Just me?



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