Shin Splints are the Devil

On Saturday in Spin Class I learned that I was not wearing the pedal straps correctly. Apparently they are made for men’s size 12 feet. Not women’s feet. And not smaller women’s feet. This means that any woman with a smaller foot (like me), should not put their feet completely through the pedal strap…as I had been doing. Oops. After I got strapped into the bike properly, I immediately felt a difference – a good one – in my thighs and calves. I also felt it in my abs as I was having to do more balance on the pedals.

Well, a few hours later, cue some terrible shin splints. I’ve been battling them for a few weeks now – laying off the running and doing the elliptical or bike instead…but it has not made it any better. I stretch pretty good, ice down my shins, and do everything else right. My last resort was my tennis shoes. Perhaps my $49 special shoe from Sports Authority I got on clearance was not the best choice.

After church today, Dono and I stopped by Run On! – a running store here in DFW. Lindsey, the girl who helped us, was extremely helpful. I told her that I was getting back into exercising, but was having terrible shin splints. I needed a good shoe that would be good for running, biking, and strength training. Lindsey had me take of my shoes and walk around the store so she could monitor my arch support. That was kind of weird- but it turns out my arch on my left foot was caving in – hence the pain I’m having on my leg.

Lindsey brought out a couple of shoes for me to try on and compare — according to my exercising goals and arch issue. I tried on about 3 shoes before finding this beauty:

adidas adistar


It’s the Adidas Adistar Boost Shoe. Oh man. This shoe was SO comfortable. The bright pink kind of scares me, but I’m willing to overlook that for the comfort of my feet and pain-free shins. I ran around the store in them and pretty much did not want to take them off.

The downside? These puppies are about $200. I’ve never spent that much on a pair of tennis shoes before. Or high heels for that matter. Even my wedding shoes were only $39. The idea of spending $200 on a pair of shoes sounds so ridiculous to me, but I’m almost to the point with the pain that I’ll do anything to make it stop.

Have y’all ever spent an unGodly amount of money on something fitness related?


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