Work Out Wednesday – Extreme Makeover

Linking up again with Skinny Meg for another edition of Workout Wednesday! AY YI YI! This week I want to talk about the TV show, Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition.

Extreme Makeover Weightloss


Y’all. I L.O.V.E. this television show. I hate the fact that it is 2 hours, so I DVR it to fast forward through the commercials. Chris Powell is one of my favorite people. He is so motivating and inspiring and such a kind-hearted person. He truly wants to help people be healthy. It’s not all about getting in shape – but just being a healthy person.

Last night, there was a girl named Alyssa on the show. She had lost 100 pounds in the first phase – which is awesome! The 2nd phase was a bit harder for her, as her weight didn’t come off as quickly. She started starving herself and throwing up after meals to feel better about the choices she was making. I honestly started crying, because she was doing so well, and then it was like she started giving up because she was just so unhappy with herself. After talking to a few people, Chris set her goal for the next phase to work out 6 times a week. No weight loss goal. Just to continue working out and eating right.

It’s so true how caught up we get in the numbers. I do have a scale at home, but I rarely step on it. Mainly because it was a cheap scale, and the numbers are never accurate. I don’t even attempt the scale at the gym. I don’t think I’ve honestly weighed myself in like 3-4 years (with the occasional weight check when I have to go to the doctor). I don’t count that, because I don’t ask what the number is. Ever. Mostly because I don’t want to know!

Sometimes I just have to keep reminding myself that it is okay to not focus on the amount of inches lost….or what the scale is. It is important to follow how I feel and monitor what I’m doing to my body instead. Last week I had a really difficult time. Greta was in town, and I didn’t feel like doing a damn thing. I sat on the couch. And yes, I ate ice cream. A lot of it. I’m not depressed- just hormonal. Forgive me. I did not go to the gym but twice last week. It could have been worse, but twice is not as good as it has been. I could definitely tell a difference on Saturday when I took my measurements. I was bloated and felt disgusting. There wasn’t much progress made last week.

But, now I can redeem myself this week. I’m making healthier food choices, drinking LOTS of water, and getting my butt back to the gym. I’ve started week 4 of the 12 week trainer. This is the longest I’ve ever stuck with something! Although I’m disappointed in myself for screwing around last week and making poor choices, I have also forgiven myself. It’s okay to rest some and put priorities in order. So what if I didn’t work out last week. I’m back on it this week, and the fact that I went BACK to the gym this week is all the confidence I need.



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