Support Groups

I’m exhausted today. Mentally and physically.

Last night I decided to do a quick shoulder workout before spin class since I got there a bit early. I walked for about 15 minutes on the treadmill at 3.0 speed. Very slow. My friend K was there, so we just talked for a bit. Then, we went down to some shoulder weights, and I realized then how important my support group of friends is to me. I’m in the phase now where, if you can’t keep up with me, or if you aren’t interested in doing what I’m doing at the gym — I don’t need you.  I have enough motivation right now to do it on my own, and you’re holding me back from achieving my goals. When I’m around lazy people, I  get lazy too. I don’t need that right now.

So last night my friend and I are doing shoulder exercises, and we had just done 1 set of exercises. K sat there a bit longer after her set, and I was like “Ok, get up…my turn!” She then turned to look at me like I was nuts, and said, “Really? You’re going again?” Um. Yes. It’s called 3 sets of 15. I’m not sure when the last time she worked out with weights was, but it was definitely bringing me down. She moved so slowly with the weights (even closing her eyes!!). I don’t think she broke a sweat — meanwhile I’m pumping it and sweating my ass off.

A few minutes later we began our spin class. It was her first class, so I wanted to be supportive. We both wore our heart rate monitors, and I checked in with her during every recovery. Before we even started, she made sure to tell me that she had already burned 500 calories during her “run” and “weight training.” Yeah, right. I told her I had burned 500, too. Then it became a competition. I pushed myself REALLY hard – increasing resistance and biking at 100% . It was nuts. I mean….

photo (3)


Damn. That’s a lot of calories. Apparently, my friend also burned around the same amount. “Supposedly.” After spin, we went to Eatzi’s – my favorite place to go after spin to load up on some carbs and vegetables. My friend proceeded to purchase the unhealthiest dinner ever….AND….a BEER….AND….a cookie!!!!! WHAT THE HECK! You just burned a crap-ton of calories, and now you’re going to un-do it all with that dinner! I mean, I’m not the best example eating Pesto Pasta, but I didn’t order a beer or dessert. I drank water, and only ate half of my pasta. According to My Fitness Pal – (are you following me yet??) I still had 700 calories left to eat yesterday and I didn’t even eat them all. I’m pretty proud of myself. NOT TO MENTION, I did step on the scale yesterday at the gym after spin class, and I had lost 5 pounds since the last time I remember weighing myself!

I got kind of pissed then because it was obvious she wasn’t really concerned about fitness or weight loss. I mean, why workout if you’re just going to ruin it. I don’t go to the gym to talk or make friends. I go to the gym to work on myself, to be healthy, and improve my quality of life.

I don’t have too many friends in my life currently that are as motivated as me to work out so sometimes it is quite difficult to do it all on your own. That’s why this blog helps. I have no idea who reads this thing, but just knowing I can type out my thoughts is helpful for me.

Anyone else out there struggle with accountability partners?



2 thoughts on “Support Groups

  1. Sometimes I wish I had a workout partner, but then I’d probably talk more and workout less. Maybe. I dont know. It would be nice to have a spotter though that could help me get that one extra rep out. Or a taller person to help with setting up some of the machines. I had to drag a bench over to the pull down weights today just so I could hook everything up. I literally laughed at myself!

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