Weekly Recap Friday


Almost done with Week 4 of Kris Gethin 12 Week Trainer! I’m 33% done! You can see other weekly recaps below:

Day 1:  (guess I didn’t do a Week 1 Update)
Week 2:
Week 3:

This fitness plan really is intense, not going to lie. I haven’t been following the workouts specifically day for day because I go to spin class on Wed and Saturday and it really is a beast (and a beating!) to do 2 INTENSE workouts a day….


photo (3)



I’m still battling shin splints so I’m not able to fit in as much cardio as I’m supposed to. Even riding a bike hurts sometimes, so I try and save that for spin class only. I’ve also learned a lot this week about how my friends influence my training schedule and how hard I need to try to find friends who are motivating and supportive.

I did step on the scale this week, and I had lost 5 pounds. That’s not a lot in 4 weeks, but I know I’m building a lot of muscle. My body composition is changing though – my clothes fit a smidge better, and I feel healthier — especially since I’m not putting fast food in my body every day!

I definitely did better this week versus last week…but I still have some catching up to do. I’m going to buy new tennis shoes today, so I’m hoping that will help out my shin splints and I can get back into running again. I was actually enjoying running!!! (the horror!)

This  weekend I plan to hit up spin class on Saturday and do some major relaxing. I had an appointment with a Chiropractor about adjusting my hips/feet for my shins…but I talked myself out of it. Has anyone ever gone to a Chiropractor for shin splints? Sometimes I feel like it is just voodoo — twisting my hips and feet around won’t do much in my mind. Guess it’s back to ice packs!

Anyone else have fun plans for the weekend? Be on the lookout Saturday afternoon for week 4 measurements!


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