The Saga of “Pink Shirt”

Remember last week when I told you about the time I almost got in a fight in spin class?  Well. It almost happened again. But this time, I contained myself like a good girl.


On Saturday, Dono and I woke up early to head to our weekly Saturday A.M. spin class at the gym. Unlike last weekend, it was not busy at all. We picked out our bikes that we use each week – the ones next to the wall. (I hate staring at myself in the mirror)

Then, guess who walked in??? PINK SHIRT. And guess what? SHE SAVED 2 BICYCLES! I immediately almost thought about going over there and saying something snarky, but I refrained. You’d be proud. Surprisingly, she was still wearing a pink shirt. I hope she washed it. Well, not like it mattered because she didn’t really sweat last week anyway.

Turns out, Pink Shirt + friends were on the bikes right behind me and Dono. We made sure to let out a few good toots before class started so they’d get the message.

Eventually, class starts, and we’re all pedaling away….yet, all i can hear is someone CHATTERING behind me. Like nonstop. I couldn’t hear exactly what they were saying, but Dono said they mentioned something about the Kardashian’s. Good Lord. We had already done 2-3 drills and they were STILL TALKING. I don’t think they even knew that class had started? It was really distracting and annoying. I even told Dono in a not-so-quiet voice — “IF YOU’RE GOING TO TALK, GO GET COFFEE – DON’T DISTRACT THE WHOLE CLASS!!!!!!”

I think even the spin instructor was frustrated. She made a comment about “if you’re biking like this (insert pathetic bike riding abilities), then you’re not doing yourself any good. Really get into the workout guys!” Then she proceeded to turn the music up. Nothing. Pink Shirt + Co. continued talking !!! ….THROUGH THE WHOLE DAMN CLASS.

I’ve never been so annoyed. After class, I said something to the instructor. Apparently she can’t do much. I mean, it IS a free class afterall. And she only gets paid like $25 a class, so I’m sure she doesn’t really care all that much.

It just frustrates me that there are people who go to the gym and waste time. Like seriously. There are people in this world that are KILLING themselves at the gym to get the bodies they want and to be healthy. And all they do is be distracting and ruin my morning. I keep telling myself that it is not about Pink Shirt….it’s about me, and my progress. But I can’t help but think how RUDE that is. Ugh.

Anyone else have issues like this with people at the gym?

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In other news, I FINALLY got my new tennis shoes! Words cannot describe how exciting this was for me! Dono said I looked like an excited school girl going to see Santa Clause! I wore my old tennis shoes to compare…and Holy Jesus. What a COMPLETE difference there is! Fortunately, I snagged the shoes with a $10 off coupon and no tax since it was Tax Free Weekend. I think I ended up saving around $20 to $30 which was awesome. We went to the gym right after purchasing the shoes, and I could totally tell a difference. I did 20 minutes on the elliptical, a few free weights, and then jogged 3/4 a mile on the treadmill….at 5.0 pace! That’s pretty fast for me considering I normally jog/run at 4.5 pace. I was feeling good, and so were my legs!

Saturday I spent most of the day icing/heating my shins and taking advil – really trying to heal these puppies. My shins are still sore, and I’m sure will take a while to recover, but the shoes have definitely made an initial difference, and I really think this will help propel my goals.



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