Weekly Recap Friday – End of Week 5


How did y’all do this week?

I did pretty well considering how discouraged I was this week. I ate pretty healthy (I had stir fry practically every day), drank lots of water, and went to the gym on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I skipped Tuesday because my shins were hurting pretty bad, and I needed a day off. I’m skipping tonight because Dono and I are having a date night! We’ll make up for it tomorrow in Spin Class – that’s for sure!

I’m starting to get back in the groove as far as strength training is going. Today I’m righteously sore from the back and biceps workout we did yesterday.


Not sure if you can see that too well…but it included a GIANT set of chin ups, pulldowns, and cable rows. Talk about OUCH. I can’t really do chin-ups at all, so I have to use the assisted machine. Regardless of how much weight is countering my pull-up, that is still hard as crap. The only thing I hate about doing sets like this is that the machines are not that close together…so you go to do 1 exercise, and then by the time you’re ready to move to the next one, someone is already using it. It is frustrating because you either have to wait for the machine to be available, or you have to alter the Giant set which completely defeats the purpose of a giant set. Whenever the gym is empty, I actually like doing super/giant sets because it tricks my muscles and I’m super sore the next day so I know I got in a good workout.

Instead of doing weighted sit ups for ab workouts, Dono and I did crunches on the stability ball, and then we did torso twists on the assisted machine. My abs are killing me today – it took all my energy to get out of bed!

Overall week 5 was a pretty decent week. I felt like I’ve had more energy this week — mainly because I’ve completely stopped drinking sodas and cokes. I’m drinking a lot of water during the day, and I always have milk with my dinner and Spark with my breakfast. I still have a long way to go, and I really need to amp up my workouts since I’m practically half way done with the 12 week trainer. I really need to push it these last 6 weeks and see what I can get accomplished!

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