Carb Cycling Day 4 Review

Whew – I’ve now successfully (sort of) made it through 4 days of carb cycling. This crap is hard y’all. I’m not even joking.

Click Here to read about why I choose to start carb cycling

Day 1 

Day 2

Day 3

Today was a high-carb day. Thank you Lord Jesus. Here’s what I ate:

Breakfast: English Muffin with Peanut Butter, Strawberries and Bananas, Spark drink

Snack: Cottage Cheese and strawberries

Lunch: healthy mini pizzas made on whole wheat english muffins with lite pizza sauce and ground turkey (it sounds gross, but it was delicious!), carrot sticks with veggie dip

Snack: Fiber One protein bar and Greek Yogurt

Dinner: Eatzi’s pesto pasta with chicken

I really should not have eaten that pesto pasta. Unfortunately Eatzi’s does not make whole wheat pasta – which is very disappointing – so I had to get white pasta. I ate a very small portion with my dinner, and the white pasta wreaked HAVOC on my stomach and intestines. I’ve been eating so clean this week that the white pasta did not sit well at all. I pretty much felt like I was going to vomit until I fell asleep. I should have stuck to my meal plan and eaten the vegetable stir fry that was actually on my menu. Ugh.

If you’re wondering why I didn’t stick to the meal plan…it’s because this happened:

photo (3)

That, my friends, is a HUGE bolt in my tire. Somehow I ran over that on my way to work. Stupid construction zone. I ended up having to go to the car dealership after work to get that puppy removed. I ended up being there for 2+ hours, which really put a dent into my schedule. I was SO starving by the time that I left, that I decided to swing by Eatzi’s. I mean, Pesto Pasta is a bit healthier than McDonald’s or other fast food places, right?

Anyways, Yesterday I felt pretty good and energy levels were high. I did have a headache in the afternoon, but I think it was just because I was thinking about my stupid tire…and not drinking enough water yesterday.

Today is low-carb day. Ugh. I’ll let you know how THAT one goes tomorrow. Also…why does low carb day have to be Friday????? NOOOOOO.




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