Wedding Recap – The Ceremony

I recently had someone ask me to stop posting so much about food and working out and to change it up a bit. I’ve heard the peoples’ voices and I’m shifting back to Wedding Recaps for tonight 🙂  Tonight’s focus: Our Wedding Ceremony

When it came to planning our wedding ceremony, I knew (way before I even met Donovan) that I wanted to have a traditional, Christian ceremony. Growing up in the church and having gone to seminary, I knew exactly what I wanted. Donovan and I discussed, and I’m really glad he trusted me to put the ceremony together.

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The basis of our ceremony came from The United Methodist Hymnal. Our friends, Chris and Jared, served as our ministers and did a great job of guiding us through our planning. The only thing we KNEW we wanted to cut from the ceremony was the lighting of the unity candle…or the sand thing. That part never made sense to me. Not to mention, my mom went to a wedding once where the unity candle was blown out by a high-pumping air conditioning. I’m not superstitious…but yikes!

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One of my FAVORITE aspects of our wedding ceremony was the bridal processional. It took me several weeks to pick out the perfect song. I wanted big fanfare and to make sure everyone knew the bride was entering the building! I’m honestly not into being the center of attention, but this was the one time in my life where I could actually make it happen. I ended up picking “Prince of Denmark’s Waltz” and asked the organist to “turn up” the fanfare and trumpets. It was amazing. When we practiced at the rehearsal, it made the flower girl’s jump because it was so loud!

Another favorite part of our ceremony was how much the ceremony was actually “us.” Jared and Chris did an AMAZING job with their sermon. They tag-teamed it, and the best line of the night was advice for us to remember to “Fight Naked.” Donovan and I still laugh at that and tell other newlywed couples the same liner! The music, the scripture – everything. It was all “us.” And that’s all you can ever hope your wedding will be.

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Our ceremony was everything I had ever hoped it to be…and more. It was formal, yet relaxed. Fun, yet humble. A celebration, and worship. I was so glad that all of our family and friends could be there to celebrate with us!

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What was your favorite part about your own wedding ceremony?


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