Forgive the Lack of Posting

Excuse me for the lack of posting this week. Although I’m not going back to school…or have any children going back to school…things are definitely crazy! Donovan has been home all week, and I’ve really enjoyed spending my time with him and trying to be a normal married couple.

Now that carb cycling is over, I feel MUCH better. I really just felt HUNGRY all last week. I don’t think I ate enough. At all. This week I’ve been back more on a regular schedule and eating things like normal people. The breakfast sandwiches we made on Sunday have been a life-saver this week. It is so easy to wake up and zap one in the microwave for a minute to eat breakfast on the go. Also, I’m back to my chicken and rice bowls for lunches, and decent, healthy dinners. I hit up the gym twice this week and burned about 800 calories between the 2 days. Then Greta came – so the 2nd half of this week was a bust. Oh well.

Donovan and I have been watching Orange is the New Black like crazy! We have 1 episode left. I don’t know what we’ll do until it returns NEXT YEAR. Both of us are in love with the “Crazy Eyes” character and all of the racial slurs. I could do without the nudity…but you know. You do what you can.

I also watched the mid-season finale of Pretty Little Liars. Holy Crap. Ezra. Allison. OMG! I’m REALLY anxious for the Halloween episode now. Things are starting to get good. For awhile, the show was moving SO SLOWLY and it never seemed like it would pick up again. I have SO many questions….AHH!

Well, this post is going to be short. I’m alive and super ready for Labor Day Weekend! I bought a pair of white shorts for $9 yesterday at target. I guess I’ll be wearing them all weekend since I can’t wear them after labor day!

What are y’alls plans this weekend?


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