It’s been a minute since I’ve last posted. Sorry, I’m not sorry. I’ve actually enjoyed my time off from blogging — being with my husband, traveling, and the like.

Over Labor Day we went to New Orleans – where I grew up. Dono had never been, so it was really fun to see it through his eyes. I think the highlights of the trip was hearing Dono pronounce all of the street names and exit signs…and seeing him walk past a cop on Bourbon street hiding his hand grenade drink. Hilarious. It was a very enjoyable – and fast- weekend away, but it was much needed. We’ve been doing the daily grind since we got married, so it was fun to change it up and have new memories and experiences together. My favorite memory? The stupid chigger bites I got…and I’m not sure (still) where I got them. They are FINALLY starting to subside, and only a few of them continue to itch. Ridiculous.

In the time I haven’t posted, I haven’t been too horrible with food or exercise. I will admit, I helped myself to some southern cookin’ and alcohol while we were in New Orleans, and It was absolutely delicious. My tummy thought otherwise though as I spent the first night in the bathroom for a few hours. You’re welcome. We did walk a lot while we were there and were pretty active.

Last week, I did workout and eat healthy again, but didn’t really push myself.

This week I have really stepped it up. I’ve taken a break from Kris Gethin for awhile to focus on being outdoors. The weather in DFW has actually been pleasant the last few days, so I’ve tried get outside as much as possible.

photo 2

On Monday, Dono and I went for a 6 mile bike ride. It was just a good leisure ride, and we spent awhile talking about our days. I believe I burned about 450 calories on this bike ride which is pretty good.

photo 3

On Tuesday, we headed to Trinity High School to run on the track. It has been AGES since I ran a track workout, and for some reason I really wanted to try again. We started easy and walked 1 lap. Then we ran half a lap, and walked the other half….8 times. Our total came to about 3 miles once we had finished the workout. I’m not very good at counting, so I set my “Map My Run” app to count the laps and distance for us. It was really funny to look at it afterwards and see we ran 3 miles running in a circle…

photo 4

Last night we went back to spin class. I had forgotten how hard it was. I was DRIPPING with sweat when we were done, but I felt so good when it was over. My shins are killing me from running on Tuesday, so I’m hoping to take it easy the rest of this week to let them heal. Perhaps, I’ll go swimming or something.

I did weigh myself this morning, and I was half expecting the number on the scale to be pretty high, especially from the lack of exercising and poor food choices while traveling — but I had actually lost 2 pounds from the last time I weighed myself. That was pretty exciting.

Now that fall schedules have started up, and the weather is getting nicer, I might stick to outdoor exercise for awhile.

Oh – I’ve also made some delicious dinners lately. If you follow me on Instagram, I’ve posted pictures there. Check it out!


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