The Verdict Is…

Welp, today was my dreaded doctor’s appointment. I literally HATE going to the doctor. I’ll break out in a nervous sweat, my heart rate goes through the roof, and I get just plain anxious. My main anxiety about going to the doctor is having her give me the “Schpeal.” The “schpeal” happens after my doctor finishes the check-up and we’re winding down. She typically says something like “Well, everything looks great and normal….except….”

the dreaded “Except.”

It’s always the same thing, too. Ever since I was 16 I’ve been getting the same “schpeal.” Everything is normal and great except for MY WEIGHT. Always. We discuss how high my weight is, why it is important for me to get it down, and then I always get a goal weight for the next appointment. I have never met a goal appointment. Ever.

Until now.

After I peed in a cup and my vitals were taken, the nurse weighed me. I was wearing a sweater dress and boots, so I silently subtracted 3 pounds, because, well…who wouldn’t.

When I saw my weight on the screen, I was actually REALLY surprised. Especially since I hadn’t been working as hard in the gym as I had been previously.

All in all…I was about 15 pounds less at this appointment than my last appointment in June 2012!

My doctor was so elated that it was almost too dramatic. Needless to say, I’m proud of where I’ve come, but I’ve still got along way to go. My next “goal” weight assigned by the doctor is to weigh 15 pounds less by this time next year. I think I can do that.

In other news…I really liked my outfit today.


I bought the sweater dress from Marshall’s a few weeks ago for $10. Marshall’s is REALLY a hit or miss for me. Mostly miss though. Every once in awhile I do score a decent outfit. This sweater dress looks like a mu-mu if I wear it as-is. It’s kind of baggy and has no shape. I decided to pair it with a camel colored rope belt (i have no idea where I got this) – and some camel colored boots from Target. I was impressed with myself! Although stripes are never flattering, I love navy and camel together. I will definitely be wearing this through the fall and winter…and add tights when it gets colder.


One thought on “The Verdict Is…

  1. I’m proud of you! 15 pounds down would definitely motivate me to keep going! I’m certain you can do another 15 in a year! Good job!

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