Spin Daze


A new post about spin class. Don’t hate.

Last night Dono and I went to spin class. Our favorite instructor, Beth, switched from Wednesday nights to Monday nights, so last night we decided to catch up with her on the new Monday evening class. We picked up our friend Chad and headed to the class around 6:20. We were on the bikes and I was already in “fat burn” mode before I realized that Beth was not coming. Instead, we were stuck with Ivan. The spin instructor who resembles a disheveled version of Harry Connick, Jr.

Harry Connick Jr P.S. I Love You movie image

Not even going to lie. Once he got sweaty, his nasty hair started to stick to his face. Ick.

Our new “friend” Ivan also has a passion for biking for an hour standing up. It was seriously the WORST spin class I had ever gone to. It was not challenging and Ivan was not motivating AT.ALL. When it was time to change gears or speed up, he literally mumbled into the microphone. There was no “C’mon guys! Pick it up!!” or “Let’s GO!” Or anything that was remotely motivational. It was all “Up.” “Down.” “Resistance” . I mean, I could have created a computer program that was better than his leadership….and I don’t even know how to program a computer.

Donovan and I were so bored with the class we literally bowed out after 40 minutes. We couldn’t even bear to finish. Luckily, I had burned 650 calories so at least I broke a sweat and got in a decent workout.

Needless to say, we will never be going back to another spin class led by Ivan…and if we do, I will leave and do a different workout instead. Thanks a lot, Dude.


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