M’Lord and M’Lady do Texas Renaissance Festival

It is not a secret that my husband has a lot of hobbies. If you talk to him for even just 5 minutes, he can tell you anything you ever wanted to know about woodworking, mountain biking, computers, etc. (Hi Honey, love you!) This is one of the reasons I love him so much — he has such a thirst for knowledge and experiencing life! Well, one of his other hobbies happens to be Texas Renaissance Festival.

For the last few years, he and his dad have gone to Texas Renaissance Festival outside of Houston. It has become their main bonding experience, and it’s all Donovan can talk about in September and October. This year, Donovan’s birthday fell on one of the Renaissance Festival’s open weekends, so we made a weekend trip out of it. The best part? Last year the guys’ bought a few pieces from the Festival and decided to create costumes. They did not disappoint!

The entire month of October was filled with a horrifyingly messy living room and dining room while Donovan was working on his costume. I must be a good wife 🙂 I knew how much this festival meant to my husband, and I sucked it up for a week or two so he could enjoy what he loves. That’s what married life is all about, right? We headed down to Texas Ren Fest last weekend for their infamous “Fairy” weekend. We arrived at Dono’s dad’s house Friday evening around 10pm. It was late. And I was already exhausted from a full work week, but the guys stayed up until midnight putting the finishing touches on their costumes. They wanted to surprise me in the morning, so I wasn’t allowed to see them in action.

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early to get on the road to head to Todd Mission, Texas (aka: B.F.E.) for the Festival. The guy’s were dressed in their finest. And it was hilarious. Upon arriving to the Ren Fest, I knew I’d be in for a treat! First things first…the guys in costume took a photo in front of the entrance to remember how awesome they looked:

photo 1

One thing that was very impressive was that the buildings for the festival are established buildings. They were not tents or fake buildings. You could actually walk around in and out of them. Some even had air conditioning!

photo 2

Since it was my first time to Renaissance Festival, Dono told me I was not required to dress up (whew). I’m sure I looked crazy as the regularly dressed person with 3 people in costumes, but I didn’t care. It was really fun watching everyone’s reaction to Donovan’s costume! Eventually, I told people I was a “time-traveler” – a sorority girl from the future going back in time. No one thought it was as funny as I did.

We spent most of the day walking around, in and out of shops. I’m not much of a shopper, so that part was not fun for me, but we had BEAUTIFUL weather which made up for it. It felt so good to walk around, take in the sights (boy, were there sights!) and people watch. We also stopped to eat quite a bit…and of course, beers were flowing!

After lunch, we headed to “Sherwood’s Forest” to the petting zoo — also my favorite. There were opportunities to ride a camel and an elephant, but I didn’t do it. Sad day. I did go in the petting zoo and pet all the animals. The goats were totally scared through and ran away from everyone. I did get to pet a donkey, and that was fun.

photo 3

A little later in the day, we wandered back over to one of the performance stages for the “Dead Bob Show.” Apparently this is Donovan’s favorite, and we just couldn’t miss it! Earlier in the day, when we had split off from Donovan’s dad, his dad had organized with the comedian to bring Dono on stage with his birthday. It was pretty awesome and HILARIOUS! I think it was Donovan’s dream come true!

photo 2 (1)

After the “Dead Bob Show” – we stuck around for a bit for the next show which was Scottish music. I absolutely loved this performance and didn’t want to leave! I love the sound that bagpipes and big drums make! The band was called Tartanic, and they were fabulous! I could have listened to them all day…and I may or may not have purchased some of their music already!

Once it started to get dark, we mosey’ed towards the exit. It had been a long, exhausting, but AWESOME day. Keeping up with tradition, we stopped at a local cafe for some chicken fried steaks to fuel for the drive home.

Overall, I did have a great time. The weather was perfect, and people watching was prime. I’m not a costume person, so if/when I ever go back, I still won’t dress up (sorry, Dono), but I’m always down for a good time.

Have you ever been to Texas Ren Fest?



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