Clean Eating Challenge

Recently, a bunch of bloggers I follow have just completed the Advocare 24 Day Challenge: Holly, Jennifer, Ashley, and Amber  just to name a few. I was inspired by these ladies to start the challenge, too, however,  my motivation came to a screeching halt when I saw the pricetag for the Advocare 24 day bundle. I’m sorry, but $200 is a lot to spend on vitamins and nutrients.

I thought about this expense and prayed about it for awhile. With my $75 per paycheck that I can use at my discretion, I’d have to save up for 2 months in order to be able to afford the bundle. Then, I wouldn’t be able to do anything else until my “money supply” built back up. Feeling frustrated, I felt like there was a way I could work around this. I’m going to try the 24 day challenge…just without taking the vitamins and supplements. Obviously, the vitamins would be helpful, but I can cook clean for 24 days!

photo 1

I planned out our weekly menu and hit the grocery store. Funny enough – I spent less on healthy, whole foods, than I normally do when I go to the grocery store and buy a lot of processed “cheaper” foods. So – here’s our menu for the week:

Sloppy Joe’s on whole wheat bun
Slow Cooker Chicken Fajitas
Chicken and Spinach casserole
Moroccan Chicken with Cauliflower Rice
Winter Chicken Bake
Turkey Meatloaf “Cupcakes” with Sweet Potato “Frosting”

I spent all afternoon chopping vegetables and preparing them into gallon sized zip lock bags. This will be really helpful when it comes to be dinner time. All I’ll need to do is take everything out of the zip lock back, add in whatever spices and liquids, and go! Talk about time saver!

Tonight we made Sloppy Joe’s for dinner. By the way – Sloppy Joe’s are hard to photograph and make look appetizing. Example A:

photo 2

I’ll post the recipe for sloppy joe’s later, but I will let you know they were very delicious and filling. Lots of pureed veggies made up the sauce, and I think Dono thought it was a winner dinner, too! Guess we’ll be adding it into the future dinner rotation.

What clean eating meals do you like to eat?


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