Happy 6 Months!

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6 Months Ago today, my wonderful Husband, Donovan, and I walked down the aisle and said “I Do.” It’s so hard to believe that half a year has flown by so fast! It seems like our wedding day was just yesterday!

So what did we do to celebrate today? Nothing! 🙂 Dono went to watch the Cowboys game with some friends, and I stayed at home to cook our clean eating meals for the week ahead. Exciting, isn’t it? Hopefully our 1 year anniversary will be a bit more eventful…especially since it is more of a milestone!

So now I leave you with a few of my favorite memories from our wedding:

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My bridesmaids and I all got ready at my apartment on the day of, and my friend Liz did all of our hair and makeup. We had so much fun listening to music, talking about random things, and just laughing. The best part was when my brother showed up and tried tweeting.

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Another fun moment of the day — when my Matron of Honor helped my get my garter on. It’s funny because at her wedding, there’s a picture of me up under her dress helping her take her pants off. Only for a best friend, right?

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I loved seeing Donovan’s sweet face walking down the aisle. We decided against a “first look” – to make the ceremony that much more special. I’m glad we did that, because I’ll remember this face forever.

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Obvs – the actual ceremony. Two of my friends from college/seminary led the ceremony, and they did a FANTASTIC job! Everything about the ceremony was so “us.”

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Our reception was so much fun and got out of control! We had a live band that played all night. The drinks were flowing and EVERYONE was having a great time. I wish we could do it all over again!

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…and we continue to live [awkwardly] happily ever after!

Happy 6 months, Donovan! A lifetime to go! 🙂


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