I’m a Runnin’ Fool!

Y’all. I really can’t believe this. I ran a FULL MILE without stopping today! I’m freaking over the moon!


This, my friends, is a photo of success. According to Map my Walk, I went 1.94 miles. Which is retarded, because I do this same walk every week and it turns out to be a different mileage each time. Stupid satellite recognition.

Anyways. Check out the time! 30 minutes! That is the FASTEST I have ever walk/jogged this route. Ever. 15 minute miles! I mean, good Lord, this is not marathon running, and I’m not a speed demon by any means, but I’m so proud of my self for running this far! It’s definitely a start.

Another good thing….no shin splints! YET! I think my new running shoes have really been helping – plus I’ve tried to run at a slower, more consistent/rhythmic pace instead of huffing and puffing for a quarter of a mile.

Although I felt like an idiot for running outside in 40 degree weather – I think the cooler temps helped me push it a bit further!

1 Mile! 1 Mile! I’m on cloud freaking 9!


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