All I Want For Christmas…

Asking for Christmas gifts when we become adults gets harder and harder each year. I’ve come to the realization that if I want to buy something – then, I’ll just go buy it myself. 1) I don’t have to wait until Christmas to wear/use said item  and 2) I have a job, so typically I can afford the things I want. Usually, the main things I want for Christmas are expensive, so it doesn’t make sense to ask family/friends to foot the bill for something ridiculously expensive. For example, I really want a new wedding band, and have been talking about this since Dono and I got married. I’ve been wearing my grandmother’s wedding band, which is very special to me, but it is gold. We dip-dyed it before the wedding, and practically all of the silver has worn off. The ring is still special to me, but it doesn’t match at all. Donovan knows this is what I want for Christmas…and this will be my only gift because we both know it will be expensive. I don’t feel comfortable asking in-laws or friends for gifts that are $50 or over. If I want something expensive, I’d ask my parents, and that would be my only gift this year. Anything less than $50 I’d just buy myself.

So, in the spirit of Christmas, I thought I’d make you a list of items that I’ve been eyeing that I could afford myself, but have not purchased yet. My wish list, if you will.


Kiki La’Rue Stage Coach Riding Boots …. ok, anything from Kiki La’Rue. Not kidding. Especially the La Rue Essential Tunics 🙂


Moving Comfort Juno Sports Bra – It would be nice to reign the girls in on my jogs/bike rides!


A set of  160z Tervis clear tumblers for everyday use – the glasses we received for the wedding all broke in the dishwasher. Sad day.


Monogrammed anything with my new married name monogram

Anything else I want/need? Yes. But would be ridiculous to post here. Like the windshield wipers I need for my car. Or another pair of compression leggings for jogging. Oh yeah, and Donovan and I want to be in a house. New dish towels?

Good Lord. I should stop now.

What are y’all asking for for Christmas?


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